Porn Star Self Pics
Added by Conran

I've always been a big fan of guys taking pics of themselves in their bathroom mirrors. It's like guys are creating their own works of erotic art, and as you guys probably know already I'm an arty type myself ;)

But something I've noticed more of in the last couple of years is that loads of gay porn stars are now adding themselves to the list of men who share personal pics.

I think that's because a lot more of them are using things like Twitter and building up a fan base of their own, instead of just relying on a website to build up their name for them.

I know this guy, but I can't remember his name. I know that's a little bad of me, because the lad has a really hot cock and I have seen him in action a few times now. I can't even remember what sites I've seen him on.

Thanks go to Mitch069 for adding this one though, he is sexy!

New Guy With Great Taste!
Added by Conran

So you guys know that I have like a system when I come in here at night. The first place I check out is the pics, and usually there's something great in there from one of our regular guys. But occasionally another member appears and adds something worthy of comment.

You might not know this from the fact that I love to share some of the hard and throbbing boys from some porn shoots out there, but I really love the male model photography.

Not all the hot action is really considered porn is it? There's loads of really hot erotic photography, and I think it's sometimes neglected these days with all the video porn there is on the net.

Of course, you know I love a lot of the hardcore videos we get added here, but there's something really sexy about photos like these ones, with some random muscle hunks just showing off and teasing the camera.

So these are from an unfamiliar member, and I would like to thank them for adding these hot pics. So thanks miguelflopa, those are some hot guys you've been sharing!

Pool Table Surgery?
Added by Conran

I know I've shared some pretty unusual pics on the blog before, and some of them have been more than a little strange. But this one really has me completely confused!

What the fuck is going on in this pic? lol

I get that the guy on the table is apparently a sexy French fireman (according to the title of the pic) but I have no idea in what scenario a French fireman would end up shirtless on a pool table with a man dressed as a surgeon cutting him open with a kitchen knife! lol

Thanks go to Cokto33 for adding this very odd pic, you successfully have me confused ;)

An Almost Perfect Cock?
Added by Conran

I saw this pic yesterday and was going to post it and comment, but I was totally distracted by my dog starting to throw up in my 'New Rock' Boots. I'm sorry about that, but my rock boots are important to me. I have a gig to go to in a week and I really didn't want to smell of dog puke all night lol

So, why was I going to post this pic? Quite honestly because that cock could actually be the most pleasing cock I have ever seen in a photo. Forget the boy - he's definitely not my type - and just focus on that banana cock pointing out from his crotch...

Everything about that dick looks perfect, from the length of it, the thickness, the color, and the shape. In fact, the only thing I would change about that cock is that there's no foreskin. ;)
And of course that it's attached to the wrong guy for me. Put that dick on a muscled, slightly hairy, handsome and punky looking guy and you'd have an ideal complete package lol

I can imagine that dick sliding into me though, and I can really imagine sucking on that thing in a really hot 69 too.

Thanks go to Mitch069 for adding this pic!

Severely Hot Dude
Added by Conran

I've just been watching this video and it actually made me laugh because the shaved muscle guy looks exactly like a really good buddy of mine. The only difference is that my friend has a lot of tattoos.

I've seen him naked plenty of times, and even seen his cock rock hard once, but he's totally straight and definitely won't even jerk off with me to porn, unfortunately. I'm determined to get there one day. He's like my Everest lol

And I have to say I would love to be the skinnier dude in this video, that guy could do whatever the fuck he likes to me and I definitely wouldn't complain. As long as I got to suck that juicy cock before he shot his cum load over me.

Speaking of which, it ended too soon, I really wanted to see that cock hard and stroking, and a cum load would have been great too.

If anyone finds another part to this please let me know? In the meantime, thanks go to Juju79 for uploading this. I'll be thinking of my straight buddy while I jerk off before bed :)

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