Wow, What A Party!
Added by Conran

I only got back a little while ago after an awesome night in the country. I feel so posh, and a little hung over too.
Believe me when I say I'm not used to that kind of lifestyle.

I grew up in a small two-storey flat in North London, with roaches under the carpets and rats outside our door.

So I managed to get that young hottie over to my place and we waited to get picked up. We actually looked pretty smart, even if I do say so myself.
As promised, a pretty posh car arrived and we were driven out about 20 miles, right out into the farmlands and fields and we got to this enormous place. I knew the woman who owned it was a bit of a posh 1960's hippie, but the place was like a hotel on the outside with a long driveway, lanterns all around, and it was packed with people!

It really was an amazing place. We met loads of people and it took us an hour to find my friend and see his new apartment. And of course that was amazing too.

I didn't get back until today after passing out in a tee-pee in the garden and spending the night with my new young friend. Nothing happened, surprisingly. I think we were too drunk though. But you know when you have just a great time and the company is so good you kind of don't even think about that? I'm almost on the verge of suggesting it was romantic. I don't normally do romance, so I guess I'm not sure what it feels like lol

Anyway, back to now and I'm cruising around looking for something hot and horny before bed. Just seen this pic and had to share it because I had an immediate caption...

"When Leather Chairs Attack!"

Oh, and just HOW OLD is that computer in the background? lol

Hottest Experience
Added by Conran

So I was just about to share my most incredible sexual experience when I discovered I'd written far too much for one post. You'd be reading it for a whole week!
So I'm gonna split it into parts and give you a little bit every day. So here goes...

My best sexual encounter was about five years ago. I was working the night shift on a reception desk for a local 24HR printers, completely boring job and completely not worth the money either. But there was one really great bonus to being there, and that was all the Polish guys. I love Polish guys, they're so fucking horny all the time, so handsome and always uncut too. Another thing I've noticed, is that they always seem to have bigger cum loads. I have no idea why that is, but guys from Eastern Europe seem to squirt a lot more jizz. Is it just my perception of have you noticed that too?
Anyway, one guy in particular fascinated me and had done for months. His name was Jaraslav, and he was 25, shaved head, really handsome, well-built, intelligent and funny too. He'd often say hi in the morning when he was starting his shift and I was finishing mine, and in the evenings when I came in he'd stop by reception and stay for a chat while he checked out the big screen TV.

About three months into my job, they promoted Jaraslav to night shift. It was his job to stay on over night about four times a week and keep the printers running, finishing up any urgent jobs they had. I was really happy, not just because it was him, but because the guy before him was a complete asshole who thought I was his employee.

Only the second night into my first run of shifts alongside Jaraslav he came to reception about one in the morning for a break. He stole my remote and started flicking through the channels. We had satellite TV there (which was really great of them) and he paused on a porno. I know, I don't think they realised we had access to that. It was some French thing with an old guy getting sucked off by a young chick. So Jaraslav was joking around and said something about his girlfriend being scared of sucking cock. And I did something I never expected to do, I told him guys do it better.

Like I said, too much for one post, so I'll tell you more tomorrow. In the meantime, check out this hot Polish dude jerking his cock in the first part of this movie, he looks just like my friend Jaraslav. Well, almost, Jaraslav didn't have such a big dick, he had a lot more foreskin, and lower hanging balls. And Jaraslav had a bit of a soul patch going on too. But other than that they're pretty similar lol. Enjoy and stay tuned...

Logan McCree is Hot
Added by Conran

I know he might be one of those controversial guys, what with all that ink, but still, the guy is HOT.

I'm a bit of a fan when it comes to body art, I love tattoo's and guys with some ink really turn me on, especially when they have a really hot muscled body too.

But at the same time, I usually hate all that generic ink that guys cover themselves with. I have a buddy who has a load of really bad ink. It's all that tribal stuff, and it doesn't mean anything to him of anyone else. I don't know why guys do it, surely if you want to have some permanent body art you want it to actually mean something?

Even though a lot of the ink Logan has is the same, and it really is just there to cover skin by the looks of things, he's still really hot. I know, I'm a contradiction! lol

Now I know this video is pretty fucked. It has that graphics problem we get now and then and it's real shame. But there are chunks of it that are clear and that was enough to keep me interested. Unfortunately, Logan's cum shot at the end is fucked up too. :(

Thanks to Tonyjnr for uploading it, it's not his fault the imaging is fucked.

Logan is definitely a hottie!

Funny porn - Jeff Stryker
Added by Conran

Okay, so it's Jeff Stryker taking a dildo in his ass, that's pretty hot in and of itself. Even if it is a little dinky one. :)

But, that's not the main point of this post. When was Jeff Stryker a major star? I thought it was in the 1990's, but if this video is to be believed, I would estimate 1980. Now I could go and check Google or something and see if I can dig up the right era, but either way the effects in this video are so bad it's just funny!

Of course, it doesn't take away from the fact that he has a great body and that massive cock is still just so fucking hot to watch. But still, the river, the fire, and the weird facial expressions?

Do we really need any of that?

It would be far hotter if they'd just filmed him on a bed, or in a black wall studio. And I guess it's the perfect example of that old saying, just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD. Special effects have their place, and their place is certainly not in hardcore gay porn! lol

What a weekend!
Added by Conran

Hey guys. I'm finally back after a completely exhausting weekend. I hope you haven't missed me (actually, I hope you have! lol)

So this weekend I was planning to go to a gig with a buddy of mine and we were looking at camping for Sat night. And things went a little bit in a different direction when the weather turned completely insane and the idea of spending the night in a forest or field was no longer so appealing.

We booked into a local hotel instead. And it was a good choice too.

We didn't get into any shared jerk off action, but I did get to appreciate him butt naked and semi-hard for most of the night! It's kind of odd, because he's never really been one of those guys to just get naked and be confident. I guess something has changed in that.

He definitely doesn't have anything to be embarrassed about. He's got a hot lean muscled body and a nice uncut cock too.

Although we didn't get into any cock fun, I think some might be on the way. I brought up some porn in the conversation (visibly half hard by that point lol) and he suggested coming over for a few beers this coming weekend too. Time to step up my game I think ;)

I've been looking through some of the recent pics to see if I can find one that shows you what his body is like, and this dude is pretty close. Just imagine him aged 27, trimmed fur, and a little ink. Hot!

Thanks Mitch069, hot guy! I definitely wouldn't mind spending a night in a hotel room with this dude either lol

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