In Love With Mikey
Added by Conran

I've seen this gorgeous guy a few times now, and the first time I ever saw him in a video jerking off with another dude I was hooked. But there's a very good reason for that too - he looks so much like a guy I knew about two years ago.

I used to work with a guy who looked exactly like Mikey (the guy on the right at the start of this video), and I mean they could have been brothers. I was seeing another guy at the time and we all went out on double dates a few times, going to the lake and hanging out for the day at the weekends. The first time I saw him shirtless and in some really hot shorts I was infatuated with him.

He had just the right amount of muscle and fur, and although I never got to see his cock, he had a really sexy bulge that I couldn't stop checking out.

The guy I was seeing back then was sure we could convince him to get into a threeway with us, and he was absolutely certain the guy was "curious". It never happened, unfortunately, but I definitely spent a lot of time thinking about that. My boyfriend back then never knew it, but when he was sucking my cock I was often imagining it was that other guy lol

We still keep in touch now, and I would love to meet up with him again. I would definitely make a move on him. Wouldn't you?

Thanks go to MTATL67 for adding this one!

Wow, but why?
Added by Conran

I love the guys at Maskurbate, some of them are so delicious. This guy is really hot, muscled and obviously good looking too even though he's wearing a mask (that actually doesn't hide much). He has a great jock type body, which I always love. And he has an immense uncut cock with plenty of foreskin covering that head of his pretty thick cock.

BUT, What's the deal with shaving all the hair off? I know a little trimming makes the cock look bigger, but I have always been an advocate of actually looking like a dude. Chicks shave all their hair off, guys shouldn't. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

I love it when a guy trims the top and then shaves the balls and a little thinning of the stray hairs on the thighs too (so there isn't a visible shave line). But a guy who shaves all that hair off is just not right in my opinion.

Still, it's really hot to see a guy who can get rock hard and throbbing without even touching his cock.

But, although he supposedly shot his cum load without jerking off, I'm always suspicious. You can do anything with editing. And while I know it certainly is possible,  don't know how he could have done this without stroking, and if he did surely he would have cum more because he would have been so horny and would have held off jerking for a while; basically I think if he could do this he would have abstained for a while and would have shot a bigger and more powerful load.

But who am I to say, I wasn't there. Unfortunately!
Thanks to Jopade70 for uploading it!

Cock = Horny
Added by Conran

So you guys probably remember that I'm a bit of a rocker, a metaller, a punk... And one of the things I have found is that a lot of the guys I really love are not into the same kinds of things as me. I'm not really into the skinny pale boys. And being into cock and a metaller too is really tricky. When I go to gigs, the kinds of guys I can even remotely consider pulling generally tend to be little emo guys, all depressing and sullen, deathly pale and really into vampires. Don't get me wrong, vampires can be hot, but not most of the ones in popular culture these days lol

But, occasionally, a guy appears who reminds me that not all alternative looking guys are entirely straight. I know a couple of guys who are into dick and heavy metal too. And it's their regular, slightly masculine attitudes that draw me to them. But they are really rare.

I have no clue what this guy is into (other than he LOVES Slipknot, a band I happen to have seen live about four times now) but this is the kind of metal guy I would love to get it on with. Just check out that bod, and that delicious dick too. Hmmm.

Thanks again Mitch069, this one is a keeper!

Really Hot Trio
Added by Conran

Is there anything hotter than watching three really sexy young guys jerking off and then helping each other with some cock sucking? I think I've said it before, but I love how all guys, even the inexperienced ones, automatically know how to suck a cock really good. Yeah you get the odd one or two in porn who just don't get it, but the vast majority get straight to work and instinctively know how to suck a cock.

That guy in the middle is really lucky. I love how those boys go to work on his cock and balls, sharing it between them and taking turns swallowing his shaft and licking those nuts. He muse be in heaven!

But he's real good at sucking cock too by the look of things. When he returns the favour and slurps on his buddies dicks he really does a good job!

But, as always, one of the best parts of this is the cum shooting ending when they each jerk those big dicks and dump their cum on themselves.

My only gripe about this shoot is that there are literally no close-up shots of the action. We get to see a little closer at the end, but it would be nice to watch those boys licking and sucking those hard dicks a little closer wouldn't it?

It's still a totally hot movie though, so thanks go to str8but but for sharing this with us!

Inked Muscle Man
Added by Conran

I love guys like this. Sometimes I think a dude can be a little too big, but I have to be honest and say I think this dude has it all going on with that handsome face and his colorful ink too.

But something confuses me about bodybuilders, how come so many of them have a lot of tattoos? I know a guy who was a bodybuilder for about ten years. He never made it professional, but I know he did plan too. And in that time he has covered both his arms, most of his chest and half his back in tattoos.

So I don't get the whole idea of wanting to show off an amazing physique on stage competitively, and then covering your body in tattoos. It's kind of like spending years painting a mural on a wall, and then putting curtains in front of it so no one can see! lol

This guy is sexy, and I do like his tattoos too. Thanks go to Cokto33 for adding this one! ;)

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