Wow! Military Cock!
Added by Conran

I'd love to know how this pic came about. Is it a still from a video? I know there's this site where they have an ongoing military story. I think it's set in some fictional former Soviet country where they're in civil war, and these military hunks go around kidnapping guys and holding them hostage. Of course, there's load of uncut cock and the action is kinda brutal in some parts. They really abuse those boys! lol

Although that's where I think it's from, a part of me imagines it's a real military guy out on training or something, and his friend is taking the pic, right before he sucks on that dick and takes a cum load down his throat... hmmm, you gotta have your fantasies right? ;)

Thanks go to Mitch069 again. Man, you really know how to choose the right pics to share! lol

And this one has the have the caption...
"come closer and I'll unload my weapon!"

Wrestling boner!
Added by Conran

I have to thank Ploert for this. I mentioned before about guys wrestling, and wondering how guys manage when they get boners in the ring. We all know it happens, and when I think back to my days in school and college I can recall several times when boners were hard to hide (pun definitely intended).

I think the worst for me was being in the showers after swimming. While it was a hobby of mine after college in the evenings, I have to admit that a lot of it was being able to watch and hang out with some of those really gorgeous guys. But the down side to that was the inevitable erection in the showers. Of course, I wasn't the only one, but it can be a little scary, especially for a young man and when there are two or three guys in there who are obviously buddies.

But this guy had to be mortified after this. Being led around and knowing all eyes are on you while your cock is so obviously hard! Poor guy.
I do have to wonder what the response of those in the crowd would be to this though. I mean, where do you put your eyes? And how many of the guys in the audience got hard when they saw that dick too? lol

Hot guy, and a hot pic too! I might have to look around out there and see what I can find too ;)

Boys Pissing
Added by Conran

I have to admit that I’m not really into pissing, or I didn’t think I was. But I’ve seen some pissing porn recently that really got me hard.

I don’t know why, but I think it’s one of those fetishes that goes back to the younger years (dare I say), where you’re just learning about your cock and probably just learning about other cocks too.

One of the hottest things for me every year is going to the festivals where all the urinals are back to back, out in the open. And being a bit of a tall guy I can be standing there in the morning having a piss with a line up of cocks in front of me all pissing, in their chubby morning-wood stage.

I never connected it to a pissing fetish though.

But I have to say that this video is hot. I love uncut cock, and both these boys have really sexy uncut dicks that they seem to really love to share. I’;d want to share mine with another guy just the same too if his dick was that sexy!
I don’t think I could go for the pissing in the mouth, but over each others dicks definitely. And then all that cock sucking too, yum!

Enjoy this video, I’m sure you will if you’re into pissing or not.

Posting a Cum Load
Added by Conran

I think I might have asked this before, but what do you do with your cum load when you've fired off some spooge?

At the moment I tend to switch between unloading into dirty boxers or just laying back and firing off and letting it land wherever, then cleaning up with the boxers.

This lad on his webcam, however, seems to be really neat and tidy with his cum, unloading into some tissue and then folding it over ever so politely! lol

I had to watch it again to make sure he wasn't unloading all that juice into a folded piece of paper, perhaps to post off to some really horny cum addict guy? lol

But, he fires off a pretty healthy load too, with a lot of thick and heavy spurting. I love guys who cum like that, and getting a facial of thick and creamy cum like his is so hot. And then, when he's done he gets right back into jacking on that thing. I guess he really needed to unload his balls again and make sure he'd shot it all.

I think we all get like that sometimes don't we? Sometimes I get so horny and feel like I haven't cum all my load out so I wait about half an hour and go again. Sometimes I cum hard a second time too, so I guess there are times when I have just too much cum in me for one shot lol

Happy New Year!
Added by Conran

I'm just getting ready to head out for the night, catching up with a few friends and welcoming the new year in style. But I need to work up some cum in expectation of hooking up tonight. I guess even if I don't hook up with anyone new, there are a few guys who I guess might end up over my place tonight. We're all meeting up at a party, and it's within walking distance of my place. So it's probably likely that I'll have a few guys sleeping on my floor ;)

So I'm just watching this really hot group wanking video and imagining if I might manage to get some of this going tonight once some of the guys are back at my place. There's two of my cock buddies going tonight, but I know there's at least two others who I've met but we've never shared porn and a cock stroking. You never know what might happen though, so I'm edging and trying to build it up and stop myself from shooting off.

I might have to stop soon though, it's really not easy having a shower with a rock hard cock, dribbling the precum. I might end up shooting my wad early if I'm not too careful! lol

Thanks go to charlie17 for adding this one. This is my ideal way to start the year. Have a good night guys, have a lot of fun and see you in 2012!

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