Wanking Party
Added by Conran

I'm a little confused about the Wank Party videos put out by William Higgins. I remember when they started. They had a load of their amateur straight boys all coming in and getting naked, stroking their dicks and then swapping hands and stroking each other off too. There was something really intense about that, and although the guys sometimes went on to suck some cock too, it was mostly about the boys jerking each other off and shooting a lot of cum.

But they've really changed it all since then, with the guys sucking each other and fucking a lot of ass, and the guys aren't the same either. They're a lot more smooth and polished these days, like professional gay porn stars.

I don't know, I just think they've lost something in these new videos. They're still hot, but I would love to see them go back to the group wanking and cumming the way they did before. And the sight of all that straight guy cock with boys getting their first feel of another guys prick was what really did it for me a lot of the time.

Anyway, enjoy this video, the guys are still hot and the action horny. Thanks go to Catmoose!

If You Could Have One Skill...
Added by Conran

What would it be?

I know that might sound like a pretty boring question. But for me it would have to be the ability to suck my own dick. I know, I have a one-track mind, but I seriously think it's something a hell of a lot of guys fantasize about. And even straight guys say that they would if they could.

But, I know I've said this before, how would that work with their sexuality? Surely, if a straight guy sucks his own dick, getting into a 69 with another dude shouldn't be that much of a problem? That's why I don't understand guys like Cody Cummings. He's a self sucker, and the most he's done for another guy is jerk him off a little (as far as we know). Of course, he fucks guys too, but that's more about his pleasure of course.
So why doesn't he suck a dudes dick if he's sucked his own so often?

Anyway, if I could have any skill this is what it would be. This boy is seriously lucky, he can get a whole lot of that cock in his mouth, and even lick his own balls too!
I'm totally jealous ;)

Thanks go to Brislhy for uploading this one, it's definitely had me stroking it!

And the "Not so Straght" Boys
Added by Conran

Ha, just as I finished writing my last post I saw this video below, that supposedly shows two young straight skater boys getting it on. You know I love skater boys right?
Now, these two are not really for me. Just not my type. Don't get me wrong I definitely wouldn't turn down either of those big dicks, but I wouldn't be going after them if I saw them either.

But my main reason for posting this video is that they clearly are not straight.
No straight boy sucks a dick like that, especially not right off the bat. It's just not possible. Granted guys naturally know what feels good when they suck a cock, because we've all imagined what it would feel like to suck our own. Even straight boys imagine that don't they?

But all that licking, tonguing, writhing around... that's no straight boy!

When a straight boy sucks a cock for the first time, they are cautious. They look at the dick more, and play with it a little to delay having to put it in their mouths. They have that inner turmoil of thoughts; they know they like the feel of it, and they know they'll probably like the taste of it, but it's still another dudes dick, and it's leaking clear precum that they'll have to taste and swallow. And how many guys have tasted their own? I'd bet not many straight guys have tasted either their precum or their cum.

All that consideration and turmoil takes time to work through, and although they'll probably eventually suck it, they'll suck on the head first, getting used to the feel of it in their mouth before they try to suck on more and move down the shaft. They certainly don't look like a greedy cock sucker right from the start (although that's usually how they turn out!)

I'll finish by saying it actually annoys me when studios try to pass off obviously gay or bi guys as straight. It doesn't work. Even guys with the weakest gaydar can spot a fellow cock sucker a mile away. Am I right?
Video is still hot though, so it's definitely worth a watch!

Aw, Cute!
Added by Conran

This made me chuckle when I saw it. Not because of the guy - he's hot and I definitely wouldn't be chuckling at him - but because of the cute little doggy on the couch looking like he's posing for the camera too lol

It brings up something else though. I have a dog, and although I love him to pieces I would never be able to do anything in front of him. You know what I mean right? lol

I had cats growing up, all through my teens, and I couldn't even have a wank with one of the cats in the room, there was just something strange about it.

I was once in the middle of sucking off a guy at his place when his German Shepherd came in and licked my face, and I freaked out! I think I almost bit the guys cock off I was so shocked. I was totally turned off after that and couldn't do anything until his dog was locked out lol

Don't get me wrong, but the way I see it is there should only be a certain number of eyes in the room, and those eyes should all belong to participants, not innocent bystanders! lol

Thanks go to Mitch069 for adding this pic. I think the guy is too friendly with his dog though! ;)

Sexy Full Balls
Added by Conran

There are loads of things I love about men. I love wide shoulders, muscles, ink and meaty cock. I love foreskin, low-hangers and slightly hairy ass. But one of the things I really love in this video is the dudes meaty looking ball sack.

It's amazing how different a pair of nuts can be from guy to guy. You get guys with small nuts, guys with big and droopy balls, guys with tight bags...

But these balls are what I would call swollen or heavy. They look so juicy and full while he jerks on his cock and they flop about underneath. And I love how they tighten and pull up rhythmically as the waves of pleasure start to build up and he flexes.

And lets not forget that hard cock too. It's pretty fucking hot, just the right size; big enough to fill your grip and your mouth, but not too big that you couldn't handle it.

I guess I have to admit I'm a little jealous of this guy. I'd love balls like that. Mine are modest, but they're hangers. I love it in the summer when they hang really low, and to show them off to their best I always shave them periodically. :)

Anyway, this is a really hot video. I really love the way he changes his stroking method throughout, going from double fisted to stroking along the underside,then focussing on the head.

It's great to see a guy really enjoying his cock like an expert, and this dude is a professional cock stroker!
Oh, and if you like to see a hot cock pissing, stay tuned right to the end, after he's shot a hot load of cum, you'll enjoy! :)

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