Hot Guys Sucked Off
Added by Conran

I love these videos of guys having their dicks serviced by an expert cock sucker. These guys are so talented. I'm pretty good at sucking cock, and I can handle the biggest of them pretty well, or at least the guys I've sucked have never given me anything but compliments on my skills, but this dude is an absolute god when it comes to servicing a hard straight dick.

I love how he strokes and sucks and gets the rhythm perfect until the guy is unloading. Even when the guys don't give him any real warning he reads their dicks perfectly and knows when they're gonna start squirting, speeding up to help him get there.

Another great thing about these videos is when he convinces the guy to offer him some sucking or stroking back. I have to say it's amazing what you can convince a straight guy to do when you stop sucking on his shaft for a few minutes. It's like a drug and if you get the to just the right place they'll agree to do almost anything!

Thanks go to rawstud9 for uploading this hot video. It's awesome!


Speed Wanking
Added by Conran

Isn't it strange how different guys stroke their dicks differently? There are so many different ways to wank, and I've seen all kinds of little variations on the theme from guys who only use their thumb and finger, to guys who only rub the helmet and boys who tug their balls and take long strokes along the shaft...

And then there are guys like this dude who wank fans and furious, like they're trying to beat a record! I have to confess something here, if I stroked my cock that fast I;d be cumming my load out within a minute, so I don't know how this guy lasts as long as he does. I actually wondered if he was trying to start a fire or something! lol

Still the dude is really hot, and I love the way he plays with his fuck hole and really teases too. He has one of those pretty long cocks that you can really imagine just sucking back and gobbling for ages before drinking the load from it...

He actually looks a little bit like a guy who lives down the street from me. I see him in the garden shirtless every summer, and one of these days I'm determined to try and get to know him a little better! ;)

Big thanks go to lovelycat for this video, definitely a hot guy and a really tasty dick!

Another Awesome Weekend
Added by Conran

Wow, what amazing buddies I have! You might have noticed that I haven't been on here to check out the vids and pics and share some action on the blog with you over the last few days, and I can only apologize for those of you who might follow my ramblings here.

I had a visit from a friend on Friday morning, and an hour later were driving out of town to see a gig, that then turned into a hotel stay, and a lot of partying!

You remember a few months ago I mentioned a band I kind of know, and going to hang out after a show. Well it turns out they're touring again, just small clubs and venues, and we were invited to go and hang out. It was an amazing night, the partying was all a little too much for me I have to admit. But the hotel antics were awesome!

We got back to the room on the first night and within half an hour we were both tugging out some cum to some purchased "hotel porn" lol

Plenty more happened on Saturday too, but I'll get to that in a little while. I need to catch up on some sleep this afternoon. I guess that's a sign of getting old - when partying makes you nap. lol

In the meantime, I'm jerking out a pre-nap cum shot to this sexy young hunk showing off his dick pleasuring skills on his webcam. The dude is really hot, I can understand why he would want to share that dick with as many viewers as possible!

Thanks go to Stonecoldcrazy for adding this one. It's going in my favorites list! ;)

A Friend Of A Friend
Added by Conran

Now I know you might expect that this is gonna be all about someone I hooked up with through a friend of mine (something that often happens I hasten to add lol) but this is actually about finding a pic out there on the net...

I think we've all had guys in our lives we've lusted after. I know I have a few, and some of them I still see and know quite well now too. But although we might sometimes try to hook up with someone we have a thing for it doesn't always work out, right? I can immediately think of three guys I've known over the years who literally drove me nuts with their hotness! One of them is now a good friend, but the other two I really had to distance myself from because it was too much to see them so often and know that it wasn't going anywhere.

Okay, so I think that's probably more love than lust, but I'm not the kind of person to admit that very easily ;)

This guy isn't someone I lusted after, it's a guy a friend here on the site lusted after. He found this pic out there on the net and I guess it made his day. He new this handsome man and actually worked with him. You can bet that if I found an pics like this of any of the guys I fell for in the past I think it would make my year!

I'm not sure about the anonymity issue here, so I'm just going to thank the person who sent me this pic - you know who you are ;)

Added by Conran

No, not that kind of stuffing. Get your mind out of the gutter! lol

Just checking out this pic and I can't help but wonder what the deal is. Is that really the bulge of his cock in there, or has he maybe found somewhere to store his iPhone while he's watching the pool?
That actually brings me onto something else, kinda. Have you ever used padding of any kind?

One of my buddies admitted to me that he has some padded boxers. He's really tall and he has no butt at all. So he found these boxer shorts that have two cushions that fit in these pockets on his ass. I know, I've seen them. Well, when he told me about them I wanted to see them! And we have that kind of friendship so it was okay ;)

I've never gone for anything like that, and I can't say that I'd be honest and say I had even if it were the case lol

So, caption...

"They may be called Budgie smugglers, but it's not literal"

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