Sucking 8 long inches
Added by Conran

Just found this video of a hot hung dude being totally serviced by an eager cock sucker. I have to say I have never had the privilege to take a cock that big, but I live in hope.
I'm not a size queen, but any guys in the UK with an 8 incher want it serviced, hit me up and I'll see what I can do! :)

Watching that video, I'm sure that's bigger than 8". But then again, "chitha" (video poster) thinks it's 8 feet! I'm pretty sure any guy would seriously find it a problem taking 8 feet of cock meat in the throat! lol
Then again, maybe if you're a serious size queen, and had been completely starved of dick for several months, maybe you could?

Anyway, it's totally hot to see this guy chowing down on that monster, and I have to say it had me hard and stroking while I watched it. Hey, I'm not ashamed, I get off to porn like the rest of you.

Also, call me a wimp if you like, but that guy sucking that dick is SOOOOO HOT! I mean, yeah, most guys in porn are good looking and built, but this guy is majorly pretty. If I saw him in a bar, I think I would just cry.
I'm so glad he chose porn over modelling, because he could obviously have done either (I think acting was out of the question though) lol

The Audio Wank
Added by Conran

So, a few days ago I told you about my buddy who was a bit bored after being on his own for a while and another friend suggested listening to porn while he imagined the scene and jerked off to the sound. I know, it sounds weird, but I'm all for experimentation. I love toys, I love experiencing new sensations and trying new things, so I gave it a go.

I picked a hot video here and found a cool program that strips out the audio from a video and saves it as an MP3. I got the sound file on the player, turned the lights off, pressed play and lubed up.

And you know what? It was pretty fucking hot! I chose the video below, which is one I've seen before, so I knew it was right up my street. It was pretty horny, and you really hear all the sucking sounds and all the groans. You can hear every slight noise as all the guys shoot their cum. And it was so hot to listen to it.

The only problem was, because I knew what video it was from, I couldn't really imagine anything for myself. I just kept seeing the guys in the video and imagining what I'd already seen.

So I tried it again with a video I hadn't watched, and it was far hotter. I came so hard by the end of it I shot clear over my shoulder.

Trust me, give it a try. Pick a video in any niche you find horny and transfer the audio to an MP3. Best to get three or four lined up in case they're not what you wanted, then you can just switch to the next. But make sure you don't watch the video first because you'll just be imagining that.

Come back and tell me how it went!

Enjoy the video that I stroked off to with audio, it's hot :)

How The Hell Did This Happen?
Added by Conran

I saw this image and I immediately wondered how the hell this could possibly have happened! Of course, I know it's a still from a porn flick (don't you just love gay hardcore with a guy in uniform?) but it still made me chuckle to imagine the potential police report of the incident.

There is no way a guy could suggest he tripped and fell in to this kind of scenario!

And what an imaginative use for a coffee table too! It;s clearly preplanned, with those leather straps perfectly suited to holding a big and burly Police officer down ready to be humiliated and used as a horny sex toy. At least, I'm guessing that's what happened. I think I might have to go and have a look for the video and see if it's been added!

Of course, it should be made clear that if you do this to an officer of the law, chances are you'll be killed, and if not killed certainly arrested and charged with assault (or worse!) so better to stick to the dating sites to find your own man in uniform! lol

Thanks go to Cokto33 for this one, he's always good at posting interesting images isn't he? :)

Real Erotic Photography
Added by Conran

I guess there are only a few gay porn sites out there that really focus on their models and create some interesting images like this. There are loads of sites that just snap pics of the guys getting naked, getting hard, jerking off and shooting their cum loads. But this kind of photography is a little more rare.

I wonder why that is though. Is it simply because of the professional style of the photographers? I mean any guy can pick up a camera and take pics of another guy stroking his cock, but it takes someone with some more artistic flair to know how to get images like this.

Don't get me wrong, I love the hardcore galleries on a lot of sites, but being a little bit creative myself I guess I appreciate things like this a little more. I wish more sites and their photographers put this kind of effort into their galleries.

Thanks go to Hsnare for adding this one.

Just Cock Sucking
Added by Conran

I know there is a whole lot of porn out there, but sometimes I wonder why there's so much fucking going on and not more sucking and jerking on the porn sites.

There are some of them, of course, but so many end up showing fucking, and although I am more into anal these days, for me it's mostly about appreciating cock.

When you love cock as much as guys do, you'd think more guys would want to see plenty of it, actually have it there on screen being seen, rather than buried in a guys ass.

Am I wrong in thinking this?
But that's why I love videos like this one, just of guys licking and sucking those dicks, pleasuring those meat poles with their hands and mouths and really appreciating servicing each other rather than just using the oral as a build up to the anal.

Thanks go to Heinrich81 for this one, I think I'm gonna have to check out the rest of their videos too to see what else there is all about the dick! ;)

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