Officially On Holiday
Added by Conran

So this is my last post for a few days. For the rest of today Ill be packing and getting ready to go, then tonight I've got a straight buddy over to enjoy some porn before we head off tomorrow for the first festival of the year.

I can't fucking wait, but it's even better that Dan has decided to buy a ticket and come with me. We'll be camping with a gang of guys, but none of them are real good buddies of mine, so I'm hoping me and Dan can hook up for some mutual cock stroking fun over the weekend.

I've only be jerking off with him for a few weeks now, but he really gets into it, edging for ages before shooting a heavy cum load. And his hand fits my cock just perfectly, and he has a fantastic stroking action that just really gets me off.

He loves to play with my balls too, which is an added bonus.

I don't know how it's gonna pan out with so many guys around. Normally a straight guy will be really careful and he might just show no interest in case of raising suspicion, but I'm hoping his hard cock will get the better of him and we'll end up sharing our dicks again at least once over the next few days.

And speaking of heavy cummers, check out this video of a really awesome muscled dude stroking his cock and shooting a nice load. I wouldn't call it a massive load of cum as the uploader of it has, it's about average I guess, but it's hot to see it leaping into the air and then those dribbles of hot jism dripping down.

So enjoy the video, and I hope you don't miss me too much while I'm away in a field. See you all next week!

Added by Conran

How many of you edge your cock when you jerk off? And what do you consider edging to be? I've seen a few guy suggesting that edging is just occasionally groping your cock while you're browsing for porn, but for me edging is having a really long wanking session where you stop every time you feel like you're going to cum.
It takes a lot of stamina and discipline to edge for a few hours like I do. And unless you've had a lot of practice, you can find yourself unable to stop in time and firing your load quicker than you wanted to.
But being able to achieve a long edging session really pays off, with a orgasm being incredibly intense and the cum load often being massive too.

I love the edge videos from Chaos Men, and this one is so fucking hot, mainly because the young guy being edged is so incredibly gorgeous.
I love his face, his body, that ink and that amazing long and curved cock too. And watching him having it stroked by another guy is really hot to watch. My only criticism is the constant switching back and forth from one part of the shoot to another. I wish they'd just run it from start to finish.

But criticism aside, it’s hot to see this young guys getting sucked and jerked and taken right to the edge, but it’s harder for someone else to do it for you. I was wanking with another guy a few months ago and thought I’d try some edging with him, but it was so hard to pick up on his cues. His dick was so rock solid all the time that I couldn’t tell if he was about to cum, I just had to take his word for it and stop when he warned me. But obviously, the urge to cum is so strong after a while that he just stopped communicating! He wanted to shoot so bad he stopped telling me when he was close to it and eventually I didn’t stop in time and shot his cum load everywhere.

Much like this guy..

Veiny Twink Dick
Added by Conran

You never know what you're gonna get when you peel the jeans and shorts away from a dude to get at his cock. And because I love the cock so much, it's always a real adventure to see a dudes dick for the very first time. It could be short and thick, long and slim, big and beefy. It could be cut, it might be wet with constant precum, he could have really big nuts, perhaps a piercing...

I love the adventure of it, the sense of discovering a secret.

But do you think it's true that you can mostly tell the size of a guys cock by the look of him? One of my friends swears he can guess what a guys cock looks like when he sees a dude and watches him move. No, I don't believe him either. But there are some things that seem to be true...

It seems that most twinks have long cocks. Most athletically muscled men have thick dicks. And most larger men have plump and shorter cocks. Is this true really, or just about proportion. If the larger guy lost some weight and went to the gym to build up some muscle would his cock change too?

I know a couple of twinks with long dicks who certainly fit the perception. And I have about 6 athletically muscled friends, the kind of handsome and active men in their 20's and 30's who go to the gym a couple of times a week, and they all have really powerful looking dicks with loads of veins and a throbbing helmet.

So I guess from my experience most men do seem to fit this stereotype. So maybe my friend is right?

Anyway, enjoy this hot pic of a young twink guy who defies everything I've just said and has one of those battering ram cocks, rock hard and throbbing with veins and fat head. And thanks go to Mitch069 for adding it!

Thanks Mitch167!
Added by Conran

So I shared a hot pic of a naked guy who was obviously caught jerking off by a cop in an underground parking garage (okay, that might be my fantasy there) and I really wanted to see more, so thanks need to go out to Mitch167 for uploading these additional pics from of the hot action, as that cop gets his cock sucking freak on and goes down on his restrained captive!

Now, is it rude for me to ask for more? I really want to know where this is from, and if the cop gets his dick out too and the action goes any further. Doe he just service the young hunk and make him cum, or does he fuck him, or feed him his dick too?

Anyway, thanks again Mitch167!

Cock Sizes
Added by Conran

I guess I must be what you might call a people watcher. I'm always checking people out and trying to work out how their mind works. I guess when you throw in sex too you kind of get someone who has a bit of a fascination about what gets guys horny and what they think about sex, their dicks, other guys...

Something that I have never really understood is the whole envy thing between guys, and the men who always want a bigger cock. I really don't understand the guys who try the extreme methods of getting a bigger cock, risking impotency and all those complications.

I can get that sometimes cock size can be a genuine issue for a very small minority, but all the guys I've seen who say they want a bigger cock have enough already.

I think it's a greed thing, and while I don't think that many guys actually fixate on their cock size that much, when it comes to "size queens" I do think there are too many who get off on other guys with big dicks. I've even seen guys on dating sites demanding that any guys who respond to them have a big cock! They're delusional, in my humble opinion.

Anyway, as you can imagine I've been checking out some of the delicious dicks in the pics on here tonight and I found this one of a hot guy with a sexy slim cock. I like guys with slim dick, they're real easy to suck. ;)

And it's another one added by Mitch069 too! lol

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