Straight Guy Sucked
Added by Conran

Have I featured one of these before? I think I did when I brought up my local gloryhole. Anyway, I just saw this and it made me think about whether guys really know what they're getting themselves into in these videos.

If I understand it right, the cameraman gets a straight guy to this adult store where there's a gloryhole in one of the adult booths with a hot chick behind it. He sticks his dick through, and a guy takes over and sucks him off until he blows.
But... the guy legally has to sign a document stating that he gives permission for the film to be used, right?

So what happens when a buddy of his shows him the video of him having his cock sucked by a guy and he wants it taken down?

I wonder if that's ever happened?

Surely, the guy has a case under breach of contract or fraud. If he believed that he was having his cock swallowed by a chick and then he sees the video of his dick being eaten by a dude behind that wall, doesn't he have a case in court?

I can't imagine that any guy would actually go through with that and take any legal action, but it would be fun to see!

And I wonder what they guys reaction would be if he discovered that it was a dude who had sucked him off? I'll bet that while they might protest publicly, in secret they'd be looking for the next dude to service their meat so well. You know hos it goes, if you've got a cock you know how to suck one better than any chick. :)

I love the vids put out by this guy. But, I'd love, just occasionally, if he told them after that it was a guy. You know, he could pick the most mild-mannered and seemingly "open" guys and suggest that it was actually a dude sucking him, and see what the reaction is.

I wouldn't tell this dude that he'd just fed his cum load to a guy though. He's fucking big guy, and he'd definitely knock him out. But he's got a gorgeous big cock though. :)


Wrestler sex
Added by Conran

If anyone has any doubt about wrestling being really hot, they need to watch this awesome video.
I love some of the gay sites out that feature hardcore wrestling, but in my opinion this is far hotter than any of those hardcore sites.

The simple act of masturbation is incredibly erotic, and couple that with two really sexy and hot guys, with delicious dicks, and you have an amazingly erotic and horny video. I love the more muscled guy, how he poses and teases with his big cock. And that really is an impressive cock he’s got there hanging between his legs.

Although he seems to be more into it than his partner, watching them both jerking themselves and each other is incredibly sexy. But I guess that’s why I love it more than the videos from the other sites out there at the moment. I don’t need all that hardcore domination, ass fucking and cock sucking, this is far more sexy in my opinion.
Although it seems a little amateur, the cameraman has still managed to do a great job catching all the best action and the close-up shots of that cum spurting and flowing out. Even the lighting is great and adds a level of eroticism that you just don’t get in a lot of porn these days.


Cliche Gay
Added by Conran

I have a confession to make. I had a really good weekend, but it was one of the gayest weekends I think I've had for a long, long time!

I met up with a friend I haven't seen for quite a while, and he's been in a relationship with this new guy for about a year now. You know what it's like when a new relationship starts, all the friends are kinda forgotten for a while. The good ones will still be there when you get back to them though. And I consider myself to be one of the good ones even if I do say so myself.

So he called me up on Saturday and we met up - after he apologized for being totally absent for so long. But I really wasn't prepared for how much he'd changed in that time. He used to be a rugby player at the weekends. Not any more! lol

So how did it become the gayest weekend? First of all we went shopping, and I don't do shopping. I tend to just search on the net and have what I need delivered these days. I can't remember the last time I bought anything other than food from an actual shop!

Then we had a night in and watched DVD's, which included Moulin Rouge and My Beautiful Laundrette. I was just waiting for him to pull out the Wizard of Oz and I would have called it quits for the night. lol

Then, today he took me to a flea market to look for something special for Tony - his other half. It's sweet, but I have to be honest and say that I miss my old friend. I don't seem to know that much about this new guy at all. He hasn't totally changed, we did spend a few hours in a village pub drinking real ale like the good old days.

I guess it was a nice weekend. It was good to catch up and start rebuilding our friendship, and finding out all the things I'd missed. We're definitely staying in touch now, and I'm probably over their place for a weekend later this month ;)

So, I guess I'm a little drained tonight, but for some reason I can't sleep. So you know that the best cure for that is a god long cock stroke!
I'm just checking out some of the pics added today, as I normally do when I first get here, and I had to post this pic of Ben Godfre. I love this guy. Everything about him is so sexy. Have you seen the videos of him jerking off on his webcam?

Thanks go to closeties for adding this one, that's a seriously impressive cock he has there and I would love to try to swallow that thing :)

Michael Fitt Cumming!
Added by Conran

I have to thank Ploert again for this recommendation. I love it when guys here send me the links to some of their hottest videos or see something they think I would love and let me know about it! That's a hint for the rest of you by the way ;)

If you have something you think I might love, hit me up and let me know, send me a message with the link and I'll take a looksy and if it's good enough or interesting enough I'll get it on the blog for everyone else to check out. It's actually a great way to get your own pics and vids some more attention too!

So this video is really hot, it's Michael Fitt working out and jerking off, spunking all over his muscled thigh. I've seen quite a lot of this gorgeous jock over the last couple of years but this one is new to me. He's so handsome, and he does have and awesome body too.

That dick of his is just so delicious, and I have to admit that I would love to be there with him to take that gushing load down my throat! ;)

Thanks again ploert for sending me the link to this one, and thanks to aramis0815 for adding it too!

One Step Away From Ladyboy
Added by Conran

Okay, now I don't wish to offend anyone, so I hope no members reading this will take this as an insult, but this video below actually annoyed me so much I couldn't watching it beyond the first 60 seconds.

The guy on the table annoys me so much, and if I was at a party that was going this way you;'d hear the hooting of my cab outside before he lost that thong. lol

Don't get me wrong, I love some twinks out there. I love all guys, skinny, chubby, muscled, daddies... I just love cock. But I like my men to be at least a little masculine.

I also get that some guys are naturally camp and a little effeminate. Hell, I'm an artist and writer, I don't really do much sport, and I was a geeky kid, so I totally get all that. But this guy is like one step away from being a ladyboy.

I don't think it's the femininity thing, I think it's that this is seemingly self imposed. It's like gay guys go one of three ways when they come out, they either go uber butch like a biker, stay as they are and "happen to be gay", or they immerse themselves into what they believe gay is and become a camp stereotype; they become a parody.

I've never been one to fit in I guess, and the idea of changing who you are or becoming what other people expect is a really horrid thought. I love being different. I love being me. And fitting into a mold of what others want or expect is not something I am ever going to do.

Funny how those who are often the loudest about being themselves are so quick to become what others expect them to be.

Enjoy the video. I don't know how it turns out, because like I said, I could only get through 60 seconds. lol

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