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I've seen some discussion in the little message box to the right about sexuality and thought I'd add my opinion. I've actually done quite a bit of research when it comes to male sexuality - including direct surveys of guys around the world - for an ebook I published on

The research was fascinating (and is actually ongoing) and revealed quite a lot about what guys who call themselves straight actually enjoy.

One thing I wanted to explore was the male masturbation fetish, as that's one of my primary fetishes and interests. And it always confused me how so much straight porn shows guys with big dicks jerking off through a lot of it. If guys are so straight, why is so much emphasis placed on the guys jerking and shooting his cum? Surely all straight porn should be about lesbians? lol

It turns out that most men, whatever their label, have a desire to see cock. The straight guys who took part in my research mostly admitted that they love to watch guys jerking off, and they would love to do it with other men in reality too, but because it's so unspoken, it's seen as a personal thing that they are confused by. They don't know that so many other men who otherwise live straight lives are also really into it.

Above all I think it's vital to remember that we created the three sexual labels. They weren't automatically created by nature. They are a Human invention, and sexuality is not that simple. Fetishes, emotions, friendships, male bonding, social stigma... there are plenty of things which combine to create both our inward sexual desires and our outward sexual activities.

So there you go, that's my take on it all. And it's based on evidence too. :)
Now that's out the way, please enjoy some hot porn of a straight guys experimenting.

A Garage Club
Added by Conran

I've been invited to another club this weekend, but I don't think I'll go. That's the thing about being on-line all the time and cruising with some of the guys I fuck around with, you get to hear about all these secret groups and social clubs that no one knows exists on the surface.
So this one is all about fucking. And I have to say that I'm not really one for anal. Have I told you that before? I think so.
Anyway, I love the cock. I love stroking a hard dick and sucking it, I love cum splashing everywhere and very occasionally I'll fuck a dude. But mostly I'm not really into butt sex.

This club I've been invited to tonight is all about anal by the sounds of it. One of my cruising buddies told me about it a few days ago and he seemed to focus on that. And I know he loves being fucked.
Apparently it's a real mix of guys, but mostly in their 30's. Some of them live straight lives, some are openly gay, and they all hook up at this garage one of them owns. I'm not allowed to know where it is because this is the guys business after all, so he has to be careful about who comes along, so the plan is I'll get a text if I decided to go and I'd meet my mate on one of the roads out of the town, then he'd take me there.

From what my mate says it's a free-for-all with guys doing pretty much what they want, between 10 and 15 of them in total. He was raving about the last one where one of the guys took every cock in his ass and then they all came over him. Yep, that certainly got me interested! That's one of my fantasies; to have a room full of guys dump their cum over me. But the whole anal fixation at this place really puts me off.
Yeah I'll probably skip it. But it has got me thinking about starting my own club.

Real Rough Man Sex!
Added by Conran

I love watching two muscle guys getting it on. There's so much energy in this hot shoot with those two muscular guys that the sweat is almost dripping from the screen.
Maybe it's the sparse environment and the green military style, but it just adds even more to the butchness of the shoot.

Watching that hairy guy stroking his buddies cock while his is sucked deep is probably one of the hottest parts of this movie. I don't know why, but it's sexy to see guy actually trying to get their buddy off.

When this movie started, you might have been wondering which one is the top. Well, it turns out both of these studs are versatile, with both taking their turns to stuff their cock into their buddies ass.
And once they've had their asses filled, both dudes are ready to shoot their cum loads.
As our hairy dude is taking that big dick in his chute, he jerks his cock and erupts a thick white load all over his abs. It's quite an impressive load too, making his furry stomach all furry.

And you know what guys are like when they smell cum in the air, it just urges them on even more. So our top pulls out and jerks off while he plays with his buddies sticky mess before stroking out his own impressive load all over him.

Happy Christmas!
Added by Conran

I think it's about time I said it! lol

I think I've been in denial a little bit in the last few weeks, and to be honest I'm not entirely sure I'm in the mood for Christmas! I've been to some good parties over the last couple of weeks and hooked up with some nice guys too, but I'm not feeling especially festive this year.

But at least all the presents are now sorted out and I can stop thinking about whether they are appropriate or wanted, I don't really care to be honest. I mean, I try my best to buy something I know someone will want, and I do put thought into it, but sometimes people just don't get the idea of buying them something unique or unusual.

A couple of years ago I bought my best mate a silver flask, took the time to have it engraved too, gave it to him in a presentation box. And I haven't seen it since. Everyone else bought him CD's and DVD's - the kind of stuff he could just buy himself on any shopping trip.

So, why bother? lol

Anyway, I need to share some cock with you guys for this post, so I'm going to pick one of the guys I've been enjoying in the last half an hour. Here he is, and thanks go to Mitch069 for this one!

Poor Quality But Hot
Added by Conran

I love home-made videos of amateur guys having sex, and these two college guys are really sexy to watch. Although the picture is really quite blurry, it kind of adds to how horny the video is doesn't it? It makes it feel more intimate, like you're there watching the actions right in front of you.
These guys really know how to suck cock like experts. Looks like they've had plenty of practice. But if I was either of these guys I'd be the same, they're both so sexy I would gladly suck the cock of either until my jaw fell off!

The attention to sucking the balls and slurping on the head is really sexy to see. I get bored watching a guy sucking a cock if all he's doing is bobbing up and down on the shaft. Guys forget that the head is the most sensitive part, often missing out on a whole lot of pleasure.

I love the close-up ass fucking too, good to see a hard cock squeezing into a tight bubble butt. And then the riding too, very yummy!

But the hottest bit is the cum shooting at the end. Even from the distance you can see the cum flying form that cock and splashing everywhere, and it's a powerful squirt too!
Not too sure about the high-speed skipping though, that was actually quite funny. I've jerked off like that before! lol

I don't know where the vid came from, or if it really is genuinely amateur, but well done boys, you definitely got me all hot and bothered and ready to dump a hot load along with you! Maybe time your cum shots next time and leave out the high speed jerking though, just a suggestion lol

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