Muscle Hunk Phenix Saint
Added by Conran

Yesterday I shared a video on the blog of the delicious Phenix Saint when he was a lot more lean than he is now, and I wanted to find a more recent pic so you can see how the guy looks after all that working out since.

Well, I think this pic is probably a lot more recent, and you can really tell the difference!

The guy has always been hot in my opinion, and although I loved the big piercing through his cock I have to confess that I do prefer to see his impressive thick cock without it.

He has one of those dicks that just looks really meaty and heavy, like he could bruise you with that thing if he smacked you in the face with it! ;)

I always love to see this guy fucking, and although I think he's still classed as straight, he definitely gets up to more with another dude now than he used to back then.

I often wonder about guys who start off straight and end up sucking cock and fucking ass whether they actually have realized how much they love cock, or whether they just manage it for the cameras. I guess it depends on the guy, but personally I don't understand how a guy could stay hard sucking another guys cock if he wasn't enjoying it lol

Enjoy this hot pic of the muscle hunk Phenix Saint, he's a real hottie!

A Garage Club
Added by Conran

I've been invited to another club this weekend, but I don't think I'll go. That's the thing about being on-line all the time and cruising with some of the guys I fuck around with, you get to hear about all these secret groups and social clubs that no one knows exists on the surface.
So this one is all about fucking. And I have to say that I'm not really one for anal. Have I told you that before? I think so.
Anyway, I love the cock. I love stroking a hard dick and sucking it, I love cum splashing everywhere and very occasionally I'll fuck a dude. But mostly I'm not really into butt sex.

This club I've been invited to tonight is all about anal by the sounds of it. One of my cruising buddies told me about it a few days ago and he seemed to focus on that. And I know he loves being fucked.
Apparently it's a real mix of guys, but mostly in their 30's. Some of them live straight lives, some are openly gay, and they all hook up at this garage one of them owns. I'm not allowed to know where it is because this is the guys business after all, so he has to be careful about who comes along, so the plan is I'll get a text if I decided to go and I'd meet my mate on one of the roads out of the town, then he'd take me there.

From what my mate says it's a free-for-all with guys doing pretty much what they want, between 10 and 15 of them in total. He was raving about the last one where one of the guys took every cock in his ass and then they all came over him. Yep, that certainly got me interested! That's one of my fantasies; to have a room full of guys dump their cum over me. But the whole anal fixation at this place really puts me off.
Yeah I'll probably skip it. But it has got me thinking about starting my own club.

Barett Long
Added by Conran

When did Barett Long start jerking other guy off? And how did I miss it?
I thought this incredibly hot young guy was strictly a dominant top? I'm not a massive fan of his. I mean I don't go looking for his stuff. But I do love the look of that long cock and those massive balls too. And he has an awesome cum shot.
But all the stuff I ever saw was just him fucking ass or getting his cock sucked. I don't think I ever saw him stroking another guys cock.

I saw this video and I'm a real sucker for a circle jerk. There is nothing hotter than a few guys all sitting around and stroking their dicks together, and if a hand finds another guys cock, then so be it, it's even more fun!
And then I saw Barett reaching over and jerking on the other dudes dick, and then they all swapped hands. All the way through it he's offering one of the other guys a stroke. So how did I miss this before, or was I just unlucky and only happened to find the porn where he kept his hands to himself?

Oh, and the hottest thing ever is watching Barett shoot those squirts of cum and then self suck the dregs of his load from his cock. I know we all fantasize about being able to suck out own dicks, but you just know a guy with a cock that long can do it without even straining.
That raises another question though, why can't he suck another dudes cock if he sucks his own anyway? What's the big deal with that? If I was straight and could suck my own dick, I don't think it would be too much of a problem for me to suck another dudes dick.

Fucking At Work
Added by Conran

I'm just starting out on this video and I thought I'd ask you guys about some of the times you might have had some fucking at work?

I know a lot of people have done it. I know one guy who works in a gym who has his girlfriend come in once a week and they fuck in the locker rooms and showers after closing. They've even had a couple of threeways and fourgy's in there too apparently. I have been invited but the chick is a real bitch, I can't stand her, so the last thing I want to see is her pussy lol

Another guy I know works in an office for a major company that shall remain nameless, but rest assured you know them. He has a fuck buddy who works less than a mile away and they hook up in one of their offices at least once a month and fuck right there on the desk!

You know about some of the experiences I've had, sucking cock in the mens room at one place where I worked the night shift. I've had a whole lot of shared cock stroking at another place when I was about 19. But this kind of video really makes me want to go and get a job on a construction site! lol

Thanks go to Panabear for adding this one, definitely hot and horny. I wouldn't want to think about the health and safety rules being broken in this one though! lol

I'm A Paddy Fan!
Added by Conran

I love watching straight guys in porn, solo or doing stuff with other guys, it doesn't really matter. And Paddy is one of those straight guys who is just so hot to watch as gets off. He's really come a long way in just a year or so. I guess that's how long it's been since he appeared on the first UK site.

Since then, he's been on MenAtPlay, and even appeared on a US site too. In all that time he hasn't done anything with another dude as far as I am aware, but you know how these things go. There's more money in doing gay porn, and there's a lot more money in loosing your gay virginity. So I'm definitely hoping he'll take that bait and do something with a guy or two.

He's such a handsome dude too, with a really sexy smile. But that muscled body and that perfectly hairy treasure trail is just so horny! And when he hauls out that fat cock... wow!

He has one of those really meaty dicks, one you could really grab and jerk off. But tasting that big cock would be even better. :)

While I love Paddy, and I love a lot of the other guys on MenAtPlay too, I'm nit sure about the whole suit fetish thing. Is it really that sexy for some guys?

I guess there's the thing about authority. It's like a guy in a suit is more dominant or powerful somehow. Perhaps it's a confidence thing too though. Because we all know how confidence can be really sexy.

Still, suit or not, Paddy is one hot guy, and watching him jerking off that big dick in anything is definitely worth seeing, especially that cum load. It looks so thick and creamy as it spurts from his cock. Delicious!

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