Yay! Friday Night!
Added by Conran

Okay, I guess no one really got my last post after all, which is a little disappointing. I tend to live my life on the net when I'm at home, and it's all around me as soon as I get on-line, but I guess a lot of people still watch FOX, BBC, CNN…?

Not for very much longer I feel ;)

So anyway, after keeping tabs with my on-line buddies today I hooked up with a very good buddy round his place tonight. We kicked back with a couple of beers, watched some porn and had a good wanking session before I got on my knees and serviced his cock for him. I don't know what he's eating, but his spooge tastes pretty sweet!

Although he's new to it all, he's really getting into jerking another dude off, and he agrees that guys suck cock better than any girl can. So he's made a half-hearted promise to try sucking my dick for me tomorrow night.

The thing is, I have another guy "booked in" lol

Hmm, curious straight guy who's never tasted dick before sucking my cock, or older muscle daddy with an 8" prick in a mutual sucking and cum eating session? That really is a tricky one and deserves some consideration!

Just enjoying this pretty hot collection of clips from a gay BDSM site, and while I've never really understood the whole pain thing, it's hot to watch! Thanks go to PubGay9 for uploading this one :)

Long Cock
Added by Conran

Just watching this really hot solo stroking video with hunky Brec Boyd, and it got me thinking about skinny cocks. His dick is so long and pretty thin, but he's slim too. And when I think about it, all the guys I've fucked around with who have been lean or slim have had skinny cocks too. So if a guy like him gained weight and got more muscled, would his cock get thicker in proportion to the rest of him too?

It's a fair question isn't it? I mean, if I gain some weight, I gain it all over, so surely that should apply to the cock too.

I have no idea, and to be honest I'm too distracted by Brec's long and delicious cock to bother thinking about it for too long. Man that dick really does look totally suckable. And those low hanging balls look awesome too.

I'm gonna have to go looking for some more of this guy when I finish watching this video, I just love the look of that long cock! Thanks Catmoose for adding this one. Really sexy video!


Saturday Night Adventures
Added by Conran

Okay, I took the plunge. Normally a good night out for me involves heading out early, traveling to meet up with some friends, heading to a couple of pubs and playing some classic rock on the jukebox while I make an attempt at a game of pool, usually loosing badly (does anyone else play far better when they're drunk or is it just me?)
Then about 9 ish we head out to another bigger pub with some louder music or a live unknown band, or we go to a gig in one of the clubs somewhere.

But, very occasionally, I'll submit and go out on the town with my "plain" friends. They're the ones who listen to pop, drink alcopops and spend three hours getting ready before going to a packed club at 10pm where you can't hear yourself think over the thumping bass.

Can you guess which of these I did tonight? Yes, that's why I'm back at 1am after sneaking out the door and calling a cab. I can't stand those places.

But, call me anal if you like (steady on!) my main gripe is the men. None of them wash their hands. If we had an outbreak of some contagious disease in this city it would spread like wildfire after one weekend because of all those minging blokes who don't even rinse their hands before heading back out to wipe whatever they've got (or picked up from the door handle) all over the bar, tables, chairs... eurgh!

I may be a goth/rocker/punk/greebo/alt or whatever you want to class me as, but at least I'm not a chav who doesn't know how to use water and soap.

Now I'm back too early I'm gonna give a buddy of mine a "booty call" (I hate that expression) and see if he's up for some porno and a blowjob. :)

I've just been admiring this insanely hot and hung cock, and I thought I'd share it with you guys. I guess all the dick on show in the mens room might have made me ever so slightly horny; I might be adverse to guys not washing their hands after they piss, but I sure do like standing at the urinals and getting sneaky peeks of all the tasty cock on show. lol

I Feel Icky, Oh So Icky...
Added by Conran

I'm back guys! Sorry for my absence over the last couple of days, I've had this really nasty stomach bug that has kept me in bed and on nothing but soup. But I think I finally kicked its ass yesterday because today when I woke up I was feeling great and straight out the door to the gym. I miss that place if I can't get there!

So what have I missed?
I'm just taking a look around at all the hot pics and clips you guys have been adding over the last couple of days and if seems there's a whole lot to talk about! ;)

In fact, the very latest pic added by Cokto33 is an interesting one, mainly because it reminds me so much of one of the guys I know from the gym. He's one of those guys I talk to quite a lot but not the kind of guy I would make a move on. Come on, would you make a move on this guy? lol

I know it would be very tempting, but the guy definitely looks straight, and although I'm certainly not the kind of guy to judge a book by its cover, he does look 100% straight and would probably kick some ass. lol

Still, nice pic to see, and thanks go to Cokto33 for adding it!

Wanking Weekend - Friday (1)
Added by Conran

I think I need to split this into pieces to tell you all about my weekend, so you'll have to try and keep up :)

So the deal was that there was a bunch of men from all over the country meeting up in one hotel in a city to enjoy a weekend of cock fun. You know I'm more into stroking and sucking, but some of the guys there were into more.

I had one of my buddies come with me too, he was interested in the whole thing and although he's only really into stroking cock and hasn't enjoyed mutual cock fun with anyone else (I tried to get another dude involved before the trip and he bailed) he admitted that he wanted to experience tasting a guys cock.

So we got there in the Friday and I quickly had my laptop stolen :(

But we found the hotel and met up with the organizer in the lobby. Never met him before, but he was really hot. He's married, 36, a gym dude, and just my type. He was really welcoming and we went to have a drink in the bar and met a couple of the other guys who'd already arrived. It felt a bit strange, they'd all done this for years and we were the noobs. So they had loads of conversations starting with things like "Remember in 2008 when..." and we just had to chuckle along like we knew lol

There was going to be a party that night, and when they started talking about going out on Sat night to one of the clubs we decided we had to go shopping. But when we got back we were really surprised to see a group of 20 guys, all different ages and backgrounds. But the one thing that really surprised me was that none of them were typical "gay guys". You know how you go to a gay venue and you know that it'll be packed with obviously gay men, camp or queeny etc, this was totally different. And it turns out that most actually consider themselves straight, curious or bisexual.

Just to give you an idea of how diverse it all was, within the first couple of hours I talked to a young decorator, a 26 year old DJ, a restaurant manager, even a married 41 year old cop! And all of them were there to spend the weekend partying and getting some cock!

I'll tell you all about the first night when I've unpacked my bag and had something to eat. We only got back this morning, but I'm really eager to tell all you guys what happened over the weekend. And I need to have a really long stroking session too, this weekend seems to have just made me even more horny that I usually am! lol

In the meantime, enjoy this cool video. It's absolutely amazing! Hardcore gay porn with acrobats and circus performance! How do guys come up with this stuff? Thanks go to vandama6 for uploading this one, it's definitely now in my favorites and I'll probably choose this one to stroke out a cum load to later!


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