Wow, What A Party!
Added by Conran

I only got back a little while ago after an awesome night in the country. I feel so posh, and a little hung over too.
Believe me when I say I'm not used to that kind of lifestyle.

I grew up in a small two-storey flat in North London, with roaches under the carpets and rats outside our door.

So I managed to get that young hottie over to my place and we waited to get picked up. We actually looked pretty smart, even if I do say so myself.
As promised, a pretty posh car arrived and we were driven out about 20 miles, right out into the farmlands and fields and we got to this enormous place. I knew the woman who owned it was a bit of a posh 1960's hippie, but the place was like a hotel on the outside with a long driveway, lanterns all around, and it was packed with people!

It really was an amazing place. We met loads of people and it took us an hour to find my friend and see his new apartment. And of course that was amazing too.

I didn't get back until today after passing out in a tee-pee in the garden and spending the night with my new young friend. Nothing happened, surprisingly. I think we were too drunk though. But you know when you have just a great time and the company is so good you kind of don't even think about that? I'm almost on the verge of suggesting it was romantic. I don't normally do romance, so I guess I'm not sure what it feels like lol

Anyway, back to now and I'm cruising around looking for something hot and horny before bed. Just seen this pic and had to share it because I had an immediate caption...

"When Leather Chairs Attack!"

Oh, and just HOW OLD is that computer in the background? lol

Really Hot Frott
Added by Conran

I remember the very first time I had a mutual wank with a straight friend of mine and we rubbed our dicks together. I think I was 18 at the time, and we were both jerking off to one of his brothers porn videos. We were just having a good time and decided we'd try and see who could shoot their first load of cum the furthest (yeah, back then we could wank about three times in one night).

We were both standing there side by side and beating off together and my buddy announce "sword fight!" and before I knew what was happening we were slapping out hard cocks together. I was so horny to see our dicks bumping together, and although he didn't know I was gay back then (to be honest I didn't even know what was going on) I'm pretty sure he was just as curious about it all. And after a minute or so of that it suddenly became a lot slower as we realized how good it felt to rub our cock heads together and slide them around in their precum.

We were both uncut like the guys in the pic below, and the feeling of our foreskins meeting and the tips of our cocks slipping and sliding together was really hot. We got closer, belly to belly, with the lengths of our meat touching and sliding around between us, and then I told him I had to cum.

It was the first time we'd done anything like that, and although I really wanted to see our cum splattering over each others dicks I kind of knew he wasn't sure about that just yet so I aimed where I'd intended, toward the screen and over the towel. I hit the TV, it was a really powerful cum load, and he shot off too just as mu first gob of cum dribbled down over the action playing behind it. He shot pretty hard too. Not as far but he always unloaded a lot of semen anyway and it splashed all over the towel as I continued to pump it out.

We did get around to more of that frott later, and we did eventually share our cum loads and jerk off with all that sticky mess a few sessions later. But that first time of feeling another cock head rubbing against mine was the horniest thing I had ever experienced. And I guess that's why I love to see pics and videos of hot and hard dicks rubbing like this.

Thanks definitely go to jajano for uploading this hot pic of some frott fun.

A Potential Fuck Buddy
Added by Conran

I love my friends.
They're always there for me when I need cheering up. They're always great fun to be with on a night out. They know me so well it's sometimes scary.
But aside from all of that, I have a few friends who love hooking me up with guys. One buddy in particular kind of lives through me vicariously I think. He's straight, but he admits that he had experiences when he was younger. I don't know how he keeps it in his pants, but he manages it. He's very moral and in a long-term relationship with a really nice girl that he definitely wants to marry.
I know he wants to experiment, I can tell. But one of the best parts about it all is that if he meets a guy he thinks I might get on well with, and he thinks they might be open to something, he gets us together.

Tonight I met up with him in a local watering hole after my afternoon in the gym and he had this young guy with him. It's a guy he works with. Really cute guy too. We had a great couple of hours and I really hit it off with the new guy, talking about working out and our routines, diets and all that stuff. He's really into it, but I just kind of do what feels right and it seems to work. I don't buy the fitness mags and all that stuff, but he really focuses on it.

After the guy left to meet up with his girlfriend my buddy told me that he thinks he's bi-curious. They had a drunken night a few weeks ago and after a few beers ended up watching some porn on his laptop. My buddy says they were seconds away from getting their dicks out for a wank (the guys suggestion) when his girlfriend came home.
He's glad they didn't, like I said he's moral, and he'd see even that as cheating and a regrettable experience.

So he's decided to hook me up with the guy. And I'm really looking forward to it. I just need to work out an excuse to get the dude over here and we'll see how it all goes. :)

Here's a "buddy wank" video for you guys. A new one too. Hopefully I can get to see my new buddy's cock pretty soon!

Really Hard Cocks
Added by Conran

Something really strange occurred to me today, and I really don't have any explanation for it. Normally I can kind of think up an explanation for something, but this is elusive.

I was watching a video of Cody Cummings today and it occurred to me that he never gets his cock really rock hard. It always curves down, kind of semi-hard. It can't be the gay-for-pay thing because even when he's fucking a chick in his videos he doesn't get totally hard either.

Then I watched another video with a really hot muscle jock guy with an 8" cock, and it was rock hard, throbbing, curved upward right to his belly. Like the boy in this pic, his dick pointed to the roof. Kinda saying "hey, look up there!" lol

But why is this? Is there something that changes the way a guys hard dick stands? Mine is just above horizontal when it's hard, and I have a wanking buddy who's dick curves upward and stands pointing right at him when he's solid.

It's just something that made me wonder today, so I thought I'd throw that out there for you guys just in case anyone knows ;)

Thanks go to Mitch069 for this pic, definitely a hot young guy and I would love to suck on that thing for him!

Horny Driver
Added by Conran

I actually chuckled when I saw this, because it made me think about a guy I know. Seriously, it's pretty good timing too because I just saw this friend last week and he was telling me about how horny he gets when he's driving ;)

So my friend is married, and they had a kid a few months ago. I guess you know that means he's not getting any, right? lol

The guy is also a driver, running deliveries for a major home delivery brand. He spends his days driving a truck and delivering furniture across a pretty big area.

And, as he's only in his 20's he's always horny. I know it's different for all guys, but I think it really is true that guys in their 20's are often hornier than older guys. I'm not wrong in that am I?

Anyway, he told me about how he gets up for work (after sleeping on the couch so he doesn't wake the baby) really early and doesn't have time to jerk off, then gets to work and is out on the road by 8. Boners are real persistent I think we can all agree, and although sometimes he might stop off and have a real fast stroke in a mens room, he has stroked out a load in the truck a few times too! lol

Yep, this pic reminded me of him, out on the road and lonely, needing to relieve the pressure. And yes, I did of course offer my assistance, but he politely declined! You don't know until you ask, right? ;)

Thanks go to Mitch069 for adding this pic, it's given me some pleasant thoughts and fantasies about my friend tugging his boner in the truck lol

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