Straight Guys In Porn
Added by Conran

You know how there's actually quite a lot of gay for pay porn out there on the net these days? I know there are some where the guys are not actually straight, they're actually gay guys playing straight. But there are a lot of genuine straight guys sharing cock with other guys for the money.

The thing is, they're usually no-frills shoots. Have you noticed that? Most of the gay for pay guys are shot in the style of just guys being paid to get it on. There's no story or fantasy involved in it.

I was checking out this hot video set in a mens room and when I saw this guy sucking cock in there I knew he was gay for pay. Some straight guys actually really get into sucking dick, but you can really tell from the way he works that dick so cautiously and carefully that he's genuinely not into the taste of a guys man meat.

It's strange how I find straight guys getting into it a turn on, but then when they're clearly not into it, and therefore more certainly straight, it's less of a turn on.

Sexuality is most definitely strange!

Thanks go to MTATL67 for adding this one. It's hot, but would be hotter if the guy sucked dick a little bit better lol

Really Hot Uncut Guys
Added by Conran

Yep, you know I love the uncut dick. And I love it even more when that foreskin covered cock is attached to a really hot guy too.
This video is pretty awesome, and reminds me of a few of the massages I've given guys, with happy endings of course.

I love the hairy lean guy, he has just the perfect cock for me, not too big and not too small, rock solid, and with a really tasty hood too. And check out his heavy cum load at the end, splashed all over his fuck buddy's face and tongue. Hmm.

Thanks to fierycold for uploading it, really had me stroking along with it too. :)

I don't get pumping
Added by Conran

I'm a real fan of sex toys. I have a good collection and I'm always adding to it. But I think I've said before that I don't really get the guys who pump their cock and balls up to ridiculous proportions like this.
Why do that to your cock? It's pretty useless when it's like that right? Surely you can really jerk off when your cock is like this, I would have thought you'd loose a lot of sensation through doing this, if not permanently then temporarily at least.

The guys can't even suck it properly. He can only really lick the head and down the swollen shaft and thats probably not gonna feel as good as it would have without all that pumping.

I wonder how that dude would feel if something happened and his cock stayed like that forever? You know they say that if the wind changes...

Yeah, toys can be fun, but I'm really not sure about dealing with a cock like that lol

French Rugby Players
Added by Conran

Do you remember, a long time ago, I talked about how the French Rugby team seems to be made up mostly of male models?

In comparison to all the other Rugby teams out there, they seem to have an incredibly high proportion of really gorgeous young men with some really hot athletic bodies.

Whenever I see them playing against England or something the difference is pretty obvious. I already think the Welsh and English players are pretty hot, but compared to the French they're like big lumbering trolls! lol

I don't mean that in an offensive way (I really do like all Rugby men!) but the French just seem to have it all going on.

I actually convinced myself for a while that there must be a panel of gay designers who audition all their players before they're allowed to represent their country. I could just picture it being like "idol" show with three queens sat behind a desk, and each of the potential players is brought out in their team kit before being instructed to strip and asking them if they have any objections to being in a calendar every year lol

Maybe that's how it should all be run? There would definitely be less homophobia and thuggish idiots representing England in football if it was managed that way! ;)

Ever notice that? In the UK there are no openly gay footballers amongst all the various teams, there's homophobic chanting, racism and general loutishness from the players too. But in Rugby the Welsh have an openly gay player, and I don't think I've ever seen any Rugby racism or homophobic attitudes...

I think there's something there about insecurity and real men being comfortable about their sexuality, but it's late and I'm tired and I just can't put those thoughts into words lol

Thanks again go to Cokto33 for this pic of a really gorgeous French Rugby player. Without you this post would not have been possible.

So Much Cock!
Added by Conran

Once again I arrived on the site tonight and the very first picture I see at the top of the page is the one below. How could I not comment on this one? I love that, almost every time I get here there's some cock pic to comment on right there waiting for me!

So I had to comment on this one because it really got me thinking about how different cocks can be. I wouldn't say I've encountered too many cocks in my time (I would try to count them all but that could take a while) but I think every single one of them has been completely different.

When you're watching porn or you see a pic of a guys dick, you can't really appreciate every little difference about it. But when you get some close up pics like this one you can see a lot more. As if it were right there in your face and ready to suck!

I especially love this pic because that cock looks so tasty to me. Pink and juicy, with a little dribble of precum just appearing.

Thanks go to Daddy4u3 for adding it, very nice indeed!

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