Hairy Butt!
Added by Conran

Evening boys (or should I say morning? It's very early here and I really should be in bed by now!)

Just popping in to take a look around and checking out some of the pics. Just saw this recent addition to the awesome collection here and had to comment on it. That is one seriously sexy butt, and the angle and peek at those nuts too is just really hot!

It kind of looks like one of those shots that perhaps wasn't intended to be so professional looking, but just does. It's one of those pics that really makes me want to start painting again, although where I'd put a painting created from that is a good question - above the bed perhaps?

Mitch069 is again the one responsible for adding such a hot pic, and I love it! Well done on this one, favorited ;)

Office Mishap?
Added by Conran

I used to work in an office (no really, I did) and one of my duties was to order and manage all the stationery. I know, exciting stuff! I took it over from this girl Jackie while she was on holiday and it just kind of stuck. Thing was, after six months I'd saved the company 3K. They didn't know that she was stealing to run her own business from home and they thought I was miraculous. lol
Yep, I got modest a pay rise.

But although that sounds boring, this picture should show that the office is no laughing matter. It's a dangerous place. See this guy below was in the office one morning and his shirt sleeve got too close to the shredder while he was changing the ink cartridge in the printer next to it, and look what happened to him!

Poor boy was traumatized. Thankfully his colleagues were on hand to take a pic of the aftermath. For insurance purposes of course!

Your opinions?
Added by Conran

So, you know I have a thing for uncut cock, and for straight guys, and wanking. So what do you think of this vid?
I'll give you my thoughts a bit later, but why don't you guys get the ball rolling first?
Give me some feedback guys!  :)


Hot Skater
Added by Conran

Another little secret for you. I love skater boys. I love everything about them. The scruffy hair, the lip and eyebrow piercings, the baggy clothes, the attitude...

About eight years ago I had the chance to hook up with a "curious" skater. He was 19, and so good looking. Built too. Like a lot of curious boys he wanted someone he knew to teach him some things. The way he explained it to me is that he knew he had a thing about cock. He loved looking at porn with big dicks and found himself watching loads of gay porn but skipping through the anal stuff, just watching all the jerking off and cock sucking.

He knew I was gay and we got on really well. So after only about three months he confronted me really awkwardly and asked if I'd let him fuck me. He'd decided that he had to have anal sex, but that he'd rather be a top. I laughed and tried to explain that anal sex isn't the only thing and that plenty of gay guys just don't go there. Still, we gave it a go and had a really good time. He was really scared and nervous at first, but soon got into it.

We actually fucked a few times and he turned pretty versatile. But, sadly, he lost his hotness when he started going to the gay clubs to hook up with other boys. After a few weeks I caught up with him in the hopes of a session and he was "deeply committed" to a twink named Joseph.

He was also covered in lycra and glitter. :)

Last I heard he was onto his tenth "deeply committed" relationship and dancing at a gay club in Manchester.

Oh well, bring on the next hot skater boy! lol

Is Wrestling Gay?
Added by Conran

Is it a controversial subject? I don't think so.
There are some things I really don't like about American culture (staged managed politics, xenophobic media, over the top patriotism) but there are some things I really love about it too, like college wrestling! (I'll just clarify that there are things I hate about my own British culture too; football violence, racism, the crappy music to name a few).

So, I look at College Wrestling as a kind of homoerotic thing. Lots of young men in extremely tight fitting outfits grappling around on the floor. I've lost count of the number of videos I've seen of these young guys getting hard and having to hide it.

So what's the deal? Is it recognized in the USA as being an excuse for guys to grope, and for others to ogle their goods?

I don't know how guys do it. If I had to step out in front of a crowd wearing something like that I think I'd die. But it is fucking hot to see! lol

Incidentally, if you're a fan of wrestling (as I am) you should check out Turkish Oil Wrestling. They have these national championships where they all get into a big field in nothing but leather shorts, oil each other up and then grapple. The rules are pretty interesting too. They have to get their hand down inside the shorts of their opponent. If you note the rules, they state no insertion of digits into the ass, and no tugging on balls. So we can assume that grabbing the dick is okay. lol

Also interesting to note that plenty of the guys who sit around waiting for their match are close friends with their competitor. So close that they rub each other down with oil, wash each other off and lay about on each other the whole time.

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