Civilian Dude Sucked and Jerked
Added by Conran

Man this guy is pretty, and I mean really pretty. You know now and then you see a guy that you just can't say is Hot, or Gorgeous, because neither actually says how incredibly good-looking he is? This guys is one of those, so good-looking he defies categories or adequate description.
At least, that's my opinion. But I know others might disagree; we all have different tastes.

Watching a little porn he plays with his bulge in his shorts before he stands and looks nervously over at the cameraman. As he strips off we get to see that although he might be a little nervous jerking his dick on camera, he's daring enough to have those nipples pierced!

Slipping off those boxers we get a bit of a surprise. This guy has a HUGE pair of saggy balls!
I LOOOVE balls, but I especially love low-hangers, big and loose scrotums, heavy nuts. They suggest there's a big load ready to be shot I guess.
I'm not the only one to appreciate balls though, as this dude then has each one lovingly sucked and licked by the director. He stands there looking a little blank while his nuts are serviced, but despite his complete lack of facial expression his cock starts to fatten and get hard while it's sucked.

I guess "stoic" is the word to use. And as his big shaft is well and truly sucked he keeps his eyes focussed on the porn. The only time he seems to notice what's going o below is when he almost ready to cum and he encourages his cock-sucker with a helping hand on the back of his head, humping his mouth.

How does a dude get sucked lie that and not show much reaction until he squirting his cum load? I'd be squirming all over the place!

Straight Cock
Added by Conran

It's time for some more straight cock on the blog, and I think you're really gonna love seeing this guy on video. He's pretty handsome and hot, with a naturally built body and a juicy dick too.

When I see guys like this on video it totally makes me long for another hot straight guy to get it on with. I already have a pretty good collection of friends who like to jerk off over some hardcore porn with another guy, but the way I see it you can't ever have too many friends, especially friends who like to wank out a cum shot with someone else. ;)

I have to admit this is definitely my type of guy. He doesn't seem to bothered about it being a guy stroking and sucking his cock, and that's a sure sign of a guy who's open to whatever. You can almost guarantee he's sucked dick at some time in his life! lol

Thanks go to jcy1978 for adding this one. He's sexy, average but just my kind of man ;)

Handsome Man
Added by Conran

I saw this video and it actually got me thinking about what "handsome" actually means.

I've heard is said that it's primarily about symmetry, but this surely can't be true because the moment you add a piercing you're no longer symmetrical. And some of the hottest guys I've ever seen, who I would call handsome, have piercings and so on. So how does this work, is there a certain level of symmetry?

And someone I might think is handsome another might not. I have a very close friend who I think is incredibly handsome, and he has a lot of female admirers. But there are plenty of people we know who just don't see it themselves.

Is "handsome" different from "gorgeous" and "sexy"? In my opinion anyone can be sexy. That all depends on attitude and personality. Gorgeous I think means so many different things, and perhaps is too fashionable a word to actually mean anything specific.

This guy is Handsome. I would have to agree. But it's his attitude and confidence which makes him sexy. And his physical attributes, like that incredible chest which makes him gorgeous. At least that's my take on it all.

Okay, I'm starting to ramble now aren't I?

Back to the video. I don't know who he is, but he's gorgeous, handsome and sexy. He has a great body and an even better looking cock. And check out that muscle butt, and how he humps his hand while he jerks off. Yum.

And do I need to say anything about that gushing cum load he shoots? Holy crap I would give my right foot to have that warm jizz load raining down over me. And as it's a SeanCody video, it's a double whammy. I think they are the only site who shows two solo shoots in the one intro video for a new guy. And I hope we get to see him fucking with another bloke, you must know what they're like over there, getting all those straight boys to fuck around.

What Badge Do You Get For This?
Added by Conran

Get a load of horny young guys together on a camping trip and you know what's gonna happen at some time during that trip. Yes, a group jerking session! I love this video, but it did make me wonder what kind of badge a scout would get for this task. If I'd known back then what being a scout entailed, I might have joined up, lol

And of course, they're European boys, with really tasty uncut cocks. Isn't it hypnotic to watch a foreskin sliding over a cock head while a guy strokes himself off? Even though I have an uncut wang myself, I can't get enough of watching hot guys stroking their uncut dicks.

The only thing better than an uncut cock being stroked, is an uncut cock being sucked. A real pro knows how to treat a foreskin when he's giving head. And I have to say that I'm pretty talented in that regard. But I guess that if you love the foreskin as much as I do you're gonna be paying a lot more attention to that hood than the average guy would.

This vid really gets me looking forward to my wanking party coming up. Of course it'll be a little different to this, all the guys are over 25, and it'll be in a hotel. And of course, there'll be a whole lot more mutual stroking and some cock sucking too. I can't freakin' wait!

Thanks to WildFire2011 for uploading this hot video!

Gay Gym Sex!
Added by Conran

I know this is gonna be a pretty obvious thing to say, but I really get turned on seeing shoots like this one. There's something about guys working out that is already horny, but when those guys are naked, ripped, and their delicious dicks are out and flopping around like that... it's just so sexy!

This is the kind of thing that keeps my mind busy when I'm working out at the gym. Especially if it's one of those evening sessions where there guys from the local college are all in there lifting wights and comparing muscle. It's even hornier when I get to follow them into the locker rooms and see them comparing cocks too. Of course they do it secretly, without their buddies noticing. But when you're watching guys like I like to you see them stealing glances and checking out the dicks. ;)

Anyway, enjoy this video added by realman200, it's hot, lovers of gay gym sex vids will really enjoy ;)

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