Very Creative Gay BDSM
Added by Conran

I love these clips of the gay BDSM orgy action, because it always surprises me what these guys can think up. It's pretty hot to see a dude being the slave for so many hot guys, and while we know it's all a fantasy it's still amazing to watch it all.
While the first bit in the shop is all pretty hot, I'm not so sure about the start of the second bit. Is that what is commonly called a Gimp outfit? I'm guessing it is, but although I can kind of understand the kink around it, I'd rather see a guy naked than in something like that. It's not enough just to have his cock out to play with.

He does get out of it eventually, and I definitely think it's hotter without being wrapped up in that thing. He gets plenty more cock too, and his ass gets a nice fucking. I can imagine how uncomfortable that would have been if he'd kept that outfit on! lol

Definitely gotta love all the cum loads that guy takes at the end though, and that's something I'd still love to be in the middle of. Maybe this year? ;)

I Want A Muscle Daddy!
Added by Conran

I've fucked around with a lot of different guys in my time, from slim young twinks to big and beefy older men. But when I saw this pic of this older muscle daddy type hunk I was in love!
You boys know I love some ink on a dude, and I love a hunky muscle guy. Although I would prefer to see some fur on this guy, he just looks so delicious, and you just know he could fuck you really hard and deep.
Although we can't see all of that dick hanging there, you can tell he's pretty hung, and I reckon he's deliciously uncut too.

It looks like he has a great pair of balls hanging behind that piece of meat too, and I would definitely not pass this guy up for whatever he wanted to do.

Thanks go to Cokto33 again for this guy, he really is hot. I don't know where you find them all, but you definitely have some great shots of some really hot and hunky men!

I remember when
Added by Conran

I don't know about you guys, but I've been on the net pretty much since it started. I even remember the very first stories about the internet in the 90's when it was just being talked about as the next big thing.

For those who don't remember it, you have no idea what it was like, and it's hard to explain. I can still hear the dialing tone and noise as my modem connected, and then worrying about the cost of it and having to watch the clock to make sure the bill wasn't too high.

And even then actually finding anything was difficult, with no real method of searching the whole net for anything. You just ended up in a little collection of sites with photos taking a minute or two to display, line by line! lol

Amateur porn now reminds me of those times back then in a way. But even that is pretty different to how things were. It's amazing to think that we can now film ourselves, or each other, from our phones, and have it out there on the net within minutes - and all for almost nothing lol

Check out this hot guy, playing with his cock, and then think about how different things would be without the invention of just one thing, like the camera on a phone, or a webcam, or a video editing program... it makes me sick to think of all the things that seem obvious now and that I could have invested in back then ;)

Thanks go to andrea-loving for adding this video, a hot guy jerking off, amateur style!

Straight First Time
Added by Conran

You know I have a few fetishes right? Along with foreskin, big balls and jerking off, I have a real thing for straight guys exploring new things. There is something so incredibly erotic about watching a straight guy touch another dudes dick for the first time, taste a guys cock and fuck some guys ass. And it normally goes in stages doesn’t it?

First the straight guy jerks his dick in the room with another guy, and usually they end up watching the guy wanking and shooting his cum. Then they go a little further the next time and let another dude jerk their dick for them. This is usually followed by them stroking another guys cock in return. And although they might act like they’re not enjoying it, you can tell from the fact their cock is rock solid and throbbing that they really are!

Then the next time they let another guy suck their cock, and then try sucking a dick themselves. Again they make out that they don’t like it, but their dick is leaking precum and bouncing up and down as they slurp on that meat.
I don’t think many go further than that, viewing anal as the final taboo meaning you’re suddenly gay. It’s like they think the moment they take a cock in their butt they’ll suddenly go all camp and start booking tickets for every Pride event on the planet.

But then there are the guys who love the cash, and have really enjoyed stroking and sucking cock, they decide to give it a try. Like these two hot young jocks!

As that second guy takes his buddies big dick in his butt, he might act like it’s painful or uncomfortable, but check out his cock after he’s tried it, it’s still quite hard isn’t it? I know gay guys who are total cum-whores who go soft when you fuck their ass!

Fucking The Handyman
Added by Conran

I'm seeing a lot of these videos appearing recently, with a handyman of one kind or another getting molested and then sharing his cock with the homeowner lol

I do admit that while I haven't had the privilege of getting some action with a plumber like this guy does, there was a heating engineer who arrived at a place I used to share with a buddy of mine and he was so gorgeous I was seriously considering making a move on him!

It was the middle of summer, and the guy was very nearly shirtless. But although he was a muscled and manly man, as you might expect, he was so neat and tidy. He had a tight white t-shirt, tight jeans, nice shoes, gym-toned, perfect dirty blond hair and totally clean shaven. I guess that's why I considered hitting on him - describing him now makes me think he was definitely gay! lol

I don't know what it is about that situation that's so horny. I mean, if you went to a garage or something and saw a gorgeous man you would consider the same, would you? You'd look and appreciate, and then maybe incorporate him into a fantasy later lol

But when it's a gorgeous hunky handyman coming into your home there's a sudden sexiness and the possibility of hitting on him is more likely.

Anyway, enjoy this horny video of a hot guy seducing his plumber in the best way possible. Whoever the guy is, when you get to suck his cock you know he's yours for the taking. Even the straightest of straight guys loves getting his cock sucked, and you'd be surprised how many of my jerk off buddies have tasted my cock t get some more head ;)

Thanks go to jobyw for this video. Really hot!

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