I'm A Gabriel Fanboy!
Added by Conran

It's official, I'm a fanboy of Gabriel Lenfant (at least I think that's his name!)

He's the guy on the left in this video, and I think everything about him is incredibly sexy. I've seen him stroking that delicious cock of his on video before and the moment I saw his face and that awesome body I was infatuated. I could seriously sit back and have some immense fantasies about this guy, and not even need porn to watch!

Do you every get that with a porn star? I know a lot of us have guys we love to watch having sex on video, but do you every imagine them in some kinky situations, or what you might do with him if you had the chance?

There are probably only about two or three guys in porn that I like that much, but he's definitely one of them.

Thanks go to pinkflam for adding this one. It really is a hot video, and this one is definitely gonna add to my mental wank bank and fuel some fantasies as I drift off to sleep tonight. And that's after I've stroked out a cum load of course ;)

A Lot of Effort for a Bit of Cock!
Added by Conran

I love some hardcore porn videos. I don't know where guys come up with this stuff, or how they keep a straight face while they're "acting" it all out.

I've just been watching this video below and I was actually laughing through much of it. Why does it take him so long to get through that door? I mean, yes, try to be as realistic as possible I guess, but surely there is a limit to how long you can pretend to be struggling to break in before it just becomes too funny!

And maybe I'm wrong, but an unconscious guy laying on the floor in some pretty unflattering underwear and moving him around like a dead weight is not hot!

I was half expecting to hear the director calling from behind the camera "move it on a little and get some cock out!
We don't actually see any cock until we're 14 minutes into the film!

And here's another question... if a guy has been knocked out, and he's properly unconscious, can his cock get hard? I'm no medical person, but I always thought that being unconscious meant the brain and most conscious and unconscious physical responses are non responsive?
I don't know. It's funny to watch, not particularly hot though. Still, we all have different things that turn us on, and that's what keeps porn and adult entertainment in general interesting. So thanks to jvane2012 for uploading it!

Really Sexy Bulge!
Added by Conran

I guess I must be in a bit of a bulge phase right now. I think I go through these various phases quite often, but after posting that pic of the hot guy with a really impressive package I had my own little encounter yesterday.

I went to visit a friend of mine yesterday for a drink, and although he's straight and we've never done anything at all together, I have to confess that I definitely wouldn't turn him down.

But one thing about him that I've noticed quite a lot (as any guy would, he's really pretty sexy) he has a very big bulge! He doesn't wear tight jeans, but he really fills out a regular pair very nicely.

I've know this guy for over ten years now, and he never used to wear blue jeans. He was always in combats or black jeans. Never blue.
So when I got over there yesterday and saw him in blue jeans, with that hot package on show, I was totally infatuated! lol

I didn't make it obvious of course. He does know I'm gay, obviously, but not that I really want at that thing! lol

Anyway, I was inspired by this sexy pic of a hot young muscle guy with a bit of visible cock bulge on show. Thanks got to Cokto33 for this one.

Cody Cummings Self Sucking
Added by Conran

Man, I love Cody Cummings, but I have a feeling I've told you that before haven't I? I'm really surprised he managed to keep his self sucking skills so quiet for so long though, you'd have thought that would be a really big selling point!

I know loads of guys who are totally into watching a dude suck his own cock, and Cody is so hot I don't think any of those guys would turn down watching him doing that regularly.

So what's the deal, has he only done it on video once? It's the only time I've seen him sucking himself off, but I would love to see that again. So if you know of any other videos of this hot dude devouring his own cock, please point me in the right direction!

And, while I'm talking about selfing, if you've never watched Al Eingang (I think that's his name) he can suck his entire dick, and I mean really suck all of it. Although he's not a muscled stud like Cody, and his videos are pretty grainy in comparison, it's pretty hot to see him shooting his cum in his own mouth.

Enjoy the video guys, and thanks go to Str8but (again lol) for uploading a totally hot video.

Straight Military Boys Getting it on!
Added by Conran

I'm obviously not alone in my fascination with hot straight boys playing with another dudes cock for the first time. But what about you other guys here? Do you get off on watching straight guys jerking each other and getting their first taste of a hard dick?

One thing that I love about these videos is how straight guys take sneaky glimpses of their buddies dick whenever they can. I've jerked off with some straight guys in my time (I can appreciate the cock in straight porn too you know!) and I always catch them looking. Even if we don't end up stroking each other, we always end up watching the others cock being stroked.
And the cum shot at the end is always an attention grabber too isn't it?

This video is definitely onew of my favorites. Seven hot straight military guys all getting their dicks out for some fun. A great circle jerk followed by some fantastic cock sucking and ending with a massive cum shower! Totally fuckin' hot!

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