More than potential!
Added by Conran

A week ago I told you about one of my buddies trying to hook me up with this young guy he works with. He’s a really nice guy, and although I’d love to get it on with him I wasn’t certain he’d be interested. My buddy was certain that he was bi, but it was all still a little unknown.

Well, it turns out I needn’t have worried at all. The guy called me up today and invited me over to check out his weight bench in the garage. He’s set up this home gym arrangement and I’d said when we met that I’d be interested in doing something like that if I had enough room.

So I get there this evening and we open a couple of beers. We have a little chat and he shows me the home gym. It’s pretty cool, but a little expensive for me. Besides, I like going to the gym!

Back in the house, I started to look around a bit for photos of a girlfriend or something. My buddy hadn’t really told me much, but it was pretty clear within a few minutes that it was definitely a bachelor pad. Games consoles littered the living room, shelves of action movies and heavy metal CD’s... definitely my taste!
And then he hit me with something that I wasn’t expecting. He told me that my buddy had told him that I’m bisexual, and that I wanted to suck his dick. It wasn’t a lie, I did!
So, he said I could.

Yeah, normally I enjoy the chase. It’s fun to have to work out a way to suck a guy off. But having a dick offered to me like that was too much to resist and I was on the floor within seconds. Delicious dick he has too, so I’m definitely hoping he’ll want to make it a regular thing.

Hottest Experience - even more of
Added by Conran

So those who have been following the story of my hottest sexual experience are possibly wondering what happened next. You'll remember that he thought I was trying to contact my (imaginary) friend to get him to come over and suck both of us.

He was really eager, and I told him my friend was thinking about it but that his current girlfriend would be really against him fooling around.

An hour later he was back and asked again if my friend had decided to come over. He said he was really horny thinking about getting sucked, that he hadn't had a blowjob for about a year!
I told him he wasn't coming, and he looked really sad, like the guy had lost his puppy lol.

After a few minutes of silence while he flicked through TV channels, I bit the bullet and suggested that I might do it for him. I waited, and he eventually said it would be too weird because we had to work together. He went back to the printing room and I considered going to the mens to have a wank, pissed off that he'd turned me down but still horny enough to want to blow my wad.

Then, half an hour later he was back to bring me a coffee. It was now about five in the morning, and I'd been nursing a semi for several hours at the thought of his cock. Standing there at the desk, leaning on it right beside me, he played with the bulge in his jeans and asked if I was still willing to help him out. I paused and considered it for a few seconds, "Maybe you're right, it might be a bit weird working together". Again he looked a bit disappointed, took another gulp of coffee and then said "I'll try wanking your cock if you do". How could I resist that?

I'll give you some more of that later.

I asked one of my mates what his best sexual experience was, and he relayed a story much like mine about hooking up with a friend in the woods. He wasn't cruising, just camping with a mate and things went very horny. So in support of his experience, here's a hot woodland bareback video. :)

Still No Butt Fuck
Added by Conran

Yeah, that's a good title isn't it?
I think I might be experiencing that thing of wanting something just because I can't have it. My new buddy came over again last night after he let me probe his ass with some toys and suck and stroke his cock to a messy cum load, and when he said he wanted to come back for another session on Sunday I thought he might have already decided that he wanted me to fuck him.

And you guys know that's not usually my thing. But all his indecision has actually made me really want to slide my cock into him and give him the kind of ass slamming anal fuck he'll never forget.

So what's the deal guys, do you think he's playing me, knowing I'm not normally into it that much? One of my other buddies thinks he's just trying to build up the tension and make me want his ass more. And it seems to be working! lol

So last night, instead of the expected fuck, we had a great mutual cock stroking and swallowing session. Although he's just starting out, he seems to be getting far really quickly. We were in a really hot 69 session for a while (I fucking love that!) and I knew I was ready to cum, and that I was gonna cum hard too. And as broke away from his cock for just a few seconds to warn him he sucked my cock harder and before I knew it I was filling his mouth with my cum load!

I got right back on his dick and just sucked a little as my balls continued unloading into his throat and he was throbbing and flooding my mouth too. It turns out that he's a total cum whore like me! After it he admitted that the taste and feel of my cum in his mouth sent him over the edge.

Needless to say we had another cock sucking session half an hour later, with more cum eating too. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite buddies to hook up with. But I really am starting to wish he would just give up his ass and let me fuck him!

Just getting myself all worked up with this video at the moment. Starting off a hot jerking session with my Fleshjack, so this could take a while. Thanks go to Blitzoid for uploading this hot video. Straight boys enjoying some cock fun is always hot to watch :)


More Possible Cruising
Added by Conran

I had a strange moment today. For a few minutes I wondered if I might be just too horny to be thinking straight (so to speak) and imagining things. I actually stumbled into a cruising mens room today right in the middle of town.

I did something I very rarely do today, I went shopping with a buddy of mine for some gifts for another friend who's about to have a second child any day now. Normally I buy everything on the net and have stuff delivered, but my friend wanted to go and check out some new Xbox games.

So we needed a piss after knocking back a couple of coffees, and walking into the mens room I saw a couple of guys at the urinals jump a little. I kind of knew straight away that we'd interrupted something, and thinking about it after the mens room was a little out of the way.

My buddy was completely oblivious to it, walked up to the urinal and chose the only free one, hauled it out and got started. I was left with the last remaining one, shuffled in between this young guy and my buddy and noticed both the other guys were rock hard.

Of course I always get a good look when there's a hot young guy with his cock out next to me lol

I was just really surprised, it's a pretty busy place. Not the kind of place you'd expect to find guys sharing their cocks with each other.

My friend was definitely completely unaware of it, and when I told him later he acted all grossed out. He wasn't of course, but he's straight, and not (yet) a wanking buddy of mine - there's always a chance! ;)

I've just been looking through some of the videos, and looking for some mens room action to paste in. But when I found this cock sucking cum facial video with Damien Crosse gobbling cock I decided to run with this one instead. I'm sure you won't mind that though!

Thanks go to Descg for adding this one, it's definitely horny and hot.

Cruising For Cock
Added by Conran

So, although I have a date this weekend, and although I'm really looking forward to it, I had to go out today to get some sun and I decided to go cruising down by the river - somewhere I haven't actually been for a few months now. I guess it's been pretty quiet recently with all the wet weather we've been having, but in the sun today the place was pretty busy.

I didn't actually hook up with anyone myself, but when I walked down this little track to where the bridge is I found two young guys sucking each other off, taking turns. They looked a little startled when they saw me, but I can kind of get that because I don't come across as gay, but I gave them the nod and they carried on.

I haven't wanked outside for a while, but it was fun to stroke out a load watching them sucking each other. I don't know why I didn't get involved, I guess I could have had my dick sucked for me. Still hot to wank to though! I do love a live show ;)

There are quite a few outdoor cock pics on here at the moment, but I've chosen one for you guys to enjoy on the blog. This is pretty hot, because I'm wondering who's taking the pic, and who he's looking at or trying to tempt in ;)

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