90's Straight Guys
Added by Conran

Just been checking out some of the videos when I found this one of two really hot guys. And just from the style and the quality I know this is from the early to mid 90's.

This is probably around the time of Kurt Cobain (I always associate years with music, it's a bad habit of mine). But what I love about this kind of porn from that time is that I was just learning everything then. I was probably just a little bit younger than these guys at that time, and was just learning everything about sucking cock with a buddy of mine.

It's funny that just the look of a guy can remind you of someone you used to know, and the great times you had.

Anyway, check out this really hot video, the guys are pretty sexy. Thanks go to Trylon for uploading it!

Where Are They Now?
Added by Conran

There's so much porn out there that I love to watch, but there is something special about the vintage porn from the 80's for me. I think it might actually go back to the days of finding out what got me hard and horny, because even though it was the 90's by the time I was wanking, all the porn me and my buddies could get was from the 80's.

But something about these pics makes me wonder what happens to guys like these after they finish their porn career. It's funny that I don't really think about that now, with porn stars today retiring I just imagine they go into something else in the industry. But back then there wasn't that much of an industry.

Maybe a couple of these guys went back to a day job, got married, had kids. Maybe they're directors today. Maybe they earned a hell of a lot of money and are living the good life on an island somewhere. Who knows? lol

They are hot though. Even though I'm normally into muscled and older dudes, I don't think I would turn any of these guys down ;)

Lucid Dreaming
Added by Conran

I thought I'd raise this subject on here just in case anyone knows anything about the subject. I had a discussion with a friend of mine today about dreams, and how I can sometimes wake myself up if I'm having a nightmare. I used to do that all the time, like I suddenly realized it was a dream and that I could end it any time I wanted.

I didn't know it then, but this is apparently a sign of someone who can control their dreams. My friend tells me that recognizing you are dreaming gives you control of it, and you can therefore do anything you like.

I don't know why I haven't done that, and I wonder why I just seem to be able to know it's a dream when it's terrifying lol

So, does anyone else know anything about lucid dreaming? Apparently the way to do it is to pick moments during the day that might seem odd, hold your nose and try to breathe in. Obviously you can't, but in a dream you can. This is supposed to get you used to doing it, so you do it in your dream and realize it is a dream...

I don't know, but it seems completely amazing. Can you imagine all the fun you could have if you could control your dreams every night?!

I couldn't find any pics or videos to add even remotely related to lucid dreaming, so I chose this one instead, just because I want to ask what the deal is. Is he planning to shave those legs or did he just walk through the a set after a 300 man orgy? lol

Wanking Weekend - Saturday (2)
Added by Conran

Horny again! lol

I did have my buddy come round yesterday after all, and a after a few beers we were right back into stroking off to porn. We talked about the previous weekend again and made sure we both planned to go on the next weekend.
And it turns out I wasn't the only one who had some extra fun outside of our friendship over the weekend either. And I was actually pretty surprised to hear that he'd had some stroking fun with one of the older guys after our night out on Saturday! I was completely out of it by that point, so I'm glad he took the initiative and explored things a little. Apparently he had a good time too, and I was really surprised he had any cum left after our Sat night.

After our great time at the beach that day we all headed back to the hotel. It turned out that a few of the guys wanted to go to different places that night, and some of them just wanted to chill out and stroke at the hotel.

Me and my buddy decided we'd go out for a couple of hours at least. so we just kind of tagged along. But it wasn't really my thing. The first bar was okay, but the next was a real club (chosen by my DJ friend) and I really wasn't into it. So after a couple of polite drinks me and my buddy said we were gonna break away and head back to the hotel. Thankfully, one of the guys decided to come along with us, and I knew we were in for some fun.

I'd seen him on the first night when we all had the group wanking in the room, and I admit that he was a real turn on. You know those muscled hairy bear types? He was kind of like that, but not really over the top masculine or butch. Just a nice guy with a tight bod and a little fur. He was pretty handsome too.
I'd been watching him a little while he sucked off this other guy on that night and I was hoping to get by knob gobbled at some time.

So the three of us headed out of the club and started heading back to the hotel. We took a slight detour toward the beach and strolled along the promenade. For a Saturday night it was pretty quiet down there, and it was away from the main water front, kind of down lower where the tide comes in further.

We were just stood there chatting, leaning on the rail and looking out to sea in the dark and the dude asked if either of us wanted our dicks sucked. Of course, we both said sure, and within seconds he was on his knees. We were both hard the second our cocks were out and he was stroking us and sucking us off. I faced my buddy and we both just grinned at each other as the dude teamed our cocks up and licked and sucked us both. It wasn't mind-blowing, but it was hot! He really could suck a cock, he'd obviously had a lot of practice. I couldn't really see much as we looked down but as we fed him our dicks we could tell he was stroking himself while he sucked us both.

I was determined not to cum first, in fact I wasn't sure I wanted to cum at all. I knew there was likely to be more going on when we got back so after a while I pulled back and knelt down with him, watching as he sucked my buddy's dick. I reached over to stroke his cock while he worked on him, and his cock felt really good in my hand. He was rock hard. And I mean SOLID! You know how every guys dick feels and responds differently? His was twitching really hard as I played with the hood and caressed his helmet, his balls were cool and tight.

Getting a good close-up view was almost too irresistible but I held myself back. I kind of knew that if I tasted my buddy's cock too I'd probably blow my load. I could just about manage to stroke the guy without unloading.

I knew the signs as my buddy started breathing heavy and I got a little vocal, ordering him to cum all over our new friends face. I sped up my strokes trying to make the guy cum as he took the facial. The first spurt shot out and landed on me, totally missing the guys open mouth and face, but the second shot was on target, splashing over him and coating his tongue. As soon as he got that first taste I felt his cock spasm and I knew he was unloading too. I couldn't see him firing off in the shadows but I could feel the warmth of his load as it splashed over my hand and got me all sticky.
I stroked him for a while as my buddy continued to slide his gooey cock in and out of the guys mouth.

That dude definitely knows how to take a cum load. It turns out he's like me, a real cum whore. I found out later that night that he was the guy who was gonna leave his hotel room door open and take the cum from whoever came in. He was gonna do that for the Saturday night, but changed his plans. But I was gonna be there on the Sunday to feed him a load, in the hope that I might see a load of the guys all splashing over him at the same time.

Yeah, I know I wanted that to be me. But I actually felt as though I would be stealing his attention if I'd suggested I wanted to be the cum dumpster.

I'm just watching this hot vid of one of the guys from Fratpad jerking off. I remember him but I cant remember his name! I do know that he was one of the more daring guys there, jerking the other dudes off sometimes. Really hot.
Thanks go to Gofrogs2 for uploading this one. Not sure it's complete, but I love that tight bod and long cock. And it's always good to see a straight/curious dude fucking his hole with a toy!

Gay Cowboys!
Added by Conran

So we've ALL seen Brokeback Mountain, right? If you haven't, you HAVE to. lol
But, how many gay cowboys are there really in the world? Seriously. It must be like one of the extreme minority sub groups in the gay community - like gay firefighters, gay boxers or gay ice fishermen ;)
And on the flip side you have those areas of society where gay men probably make up a majority, like gay hairdressers, gay nurses and gay pop stars lol

Okay, so you realize that's all tongue-in-cheek right?

I was checking out the pics tonight and found this one of what looks like a casting for the remake of the Village People, although they're missing a few members and it seems too many wanted to be the cowboy. There was a cowboy right? (I'm a very naughty gay man doubting that!)
Still, hot bunch of guys, I'd have to go for the second guy from the left. He's really hot, with wide shoulders, tall too. Delish!

Thanks go to Corendon for adding this one.

And the caption shall be
"Next time we come to the Village People theme night, we synchronize outfits!"

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