Fucking The Handyman
Added by Conran

I'm seeing a lot of these videos appearing recently, with a handyman of one kind or another getting molested and then sharing his cock with the homeowner lol

I do admit that while I haven't had the privilege of getting some action with a plumber like this guy does, there was a heating engineer who arrived at a place I used to share with a buddy of mine and he was so gorgeous I was seriously considering making a move on him!

It was the middle of summer, and the guy was very nearly shirtless. But although he was a muscled and manly man, as you might expect, he was so neat and tidy. He had a tight white t-shirt, tight jeans, nice shoes, gym-toned, perfect dirty blond hair and totally clean shaven. I guess that's why I considered hitting on him - describing him now makes me think he was definitely gay! lol

I don't know what it is about that situation that's so horny. I mean, if you went to a garage or something and saw a gorgeous man you would consider the same, would you? You'd look and appreciate, and then maybe incorporate him into a fantasy later lol

But when it's a gorgeous hunky handyman coming into your home there's a sudden sexiness and the possibility of hitting on him is more likely.

Anyway, enjoy this horny video of a hot guy seducing his plumber in the best way possible. Whoever the guy is, when you get to suck his cock you know he's yours for the taking. Even the straightest of straight guys loves getting his cock sucked, and you'd be surprised how many of my jerk off buddies have tasted my cock t get some more head ;)

Thanks go to jobyw for this video. Really hot!

Beach Bum
Added by Conran

I was on holiday once in the south of England. The beaches there are so nice, and in the summer months the place attracts loads of tourists. Especially Australians on their (mandatory?) round the world trip. These guys are so hot and sexy, and most of the time they are up for anything too.

There's loads of lifeguards there and I don't know why but these places seem to attract young hunks!

I was only there for a week, but in that time I managed to find this hot young guy who admitted to being "curious" and I got to suck him off three times during my stay, with him returning the favor twice too. There were plenty of gay and bi guys there too, so sex was really easy to find. I guess it's something about the sea air and all that sun that just makes guys super horny!

I know I'm more horny in the summer months, that's for sure.

So this guy, the surfer, is a really sexy young dude, with a great butt and a really nice pair of balls.You know by now that I love big nuts don't you? I don't know what it is about them, but a big pair of low-hangers really does it for me, and they're great for holding and tugging on while you swallow their cock. Kind of like those swinging handles on the underground :)

And when he's sitting back and jerking on his cock those balls just look even fatter. Plump and full of cum ready to squirt.

And when he finally cums, he cums pretty good! Those are some impressive squirts firing out there!

A Whole Lot Of Pussy!
Added by Conran

Yep, I'm taking my nightly look around the videos tonight and I notice that there are a lot more videos of chicks getting it on with the guys. This confuses me somewhat, although I don't know why it should.
As an openly gay guy who loves the cock, I have to admit that the appearance of a chick in a porn flick doesn't actually bother me that much any more. I think I've developed and immunity to it or something! lol

I guess that's expected to happen when you have a few straight guys you watch porn and jerk off with. They don't usually want to watch gay porn, and even the ones who really like watching a guy playing with his cock still need a little bit of pussy action in their porn sometimes too. So mostly it's the bisexual porn that suits both of us.

Of course, if it was always down to me I think I'd stick with videos like this one. I love the look of this guy, and I really get off on watching a guy being serviced like this. You gotta admit it's pretty horny to see a straight guy shooting so much and so hard after being serviced by another dude ;)

It's All About The Balls
Added by Conran

I swear sometimes that I must be one of the weirdest gay men on the planet. I'm guessing that most guys look at this pic and immediately focus on the guys ass, imagining sliding your hard cock in there and fucking him good. But for me, I'm imagining playing with those impressive balls!

While most other guys might be thinking about that ass I'm picturing reaching under and cupping those nads, tugging on them with one hand and jerking his cock with the other. Or laying back and having him ducking each nut in my mouth so I can suck on them before he slides his cock into my mouth and I taste the precum from his cock head...

Am I unusual in that I'm more into his balls than his butt?

I guess we're all different. While other guys are into butt, I like cock and balls! I'm sure you guys like them too though, and although that's what I'm mainly thinking about, if he wanted me to I'd gladly fuck him too ;)

Thanks go to oubukibun for this pic, there are some more if you check out the pictures here. ;)

What's with the face?
Added by Conran

Okay, just looking through the clips and this ridiculously short one is pretty funny. I know you can't really see it too well but you can totally tell the hot young muscled straight dude is pulling a really funny face while he's having his balls sucked by that guy on the floor!

Seriously, in that position too, it looks like he should be on a toilet or something with that kind of expression going on lol

Sorry, I know that's just put a pretty messed up image into your head and it totally distracts from the hotness of that young guy now doesn't it?

Thinking about it, I honestly don't know how I'd be if any buddies of mine had that kind of "sex face". Thankfully, I've never noticed any of them looking like they're in pain while I suck their dicks. ;)

And should I even comment on his Wolverine hairstyle? Yeah, that dude was freakin' hot too, but I'm not so sure his hairstyle should be emulated, just his good looks and incredible body would be fine.

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