Sexy Footballers
Added by Conran

I was sat at my desk today and looking out of my window when three joggers passed by. All three were pretty sexy, two were shirtless and two had some sexy shorts on too.

That's what I really love about the weather changing and the temperatures going up, more and more guys get out there in shorts and t-shirts. I love those athletic guys and seeing those sexy bulges bouncing around always gets me horny.

But, at the same time, I'm not that into watching football - or soccer. I don't know why, I just get pretty bored with it. But some sexy guy in those shorts running past will get me real hard real quick!

There's a few pics up from someone who likes the sexy footballers, and I had to pick this one. I wonder why the hell the guys hand is on the guys cock like that!? Is it just an error caught at the perfect moment? It does make me wonder. But that is one pretty impressive bulge the dude has there! ;)

Thanks go to dedembicu for adding this one, and the other footballer pics too. I'm gonna spend a few minuted going through all those to appreciate the hot guys!

Another Weekend Away
Added by Conran

I suddenly have a social life again it seems. I actually don't go out that often, but recently it seems that when I do it's a proper trip or something.

It was a friends birthday this past weekend and although I had completely forgotten about it I didn't do too badly with the last moment present and bought him a canvas portrait of James Dean - one of his idols. But I wasn't prepared for the "surprise" trip out of town to see a band playing.

I had a call from his Sister on Thursday telling me we were all meeting up at the station and catching a train, and staying over a couple of nights to get some shopping in too.

So that was it, drop everything and head out to see this band on Friday night, then shopping Sat. Then we stayed over another night at the last minute (pain in the butt because we all had to switch rooms) and I got to bunk up with my buddy - which was interesting! lol

Nothing big happened, but it was a fun trip. I just wish people would stop being so spontaneous and keep me in the loop about these things! lol

As always, I can't write a post without adding a hot photo or something too. I've just been catching up today on what all you horny guys have been adding over the weekend and I had to share this pic on here with you all. There's not really much I can say about this gorgeous young man showing off his hot ass, but it looks like he's in position already ;)

Thanks go to Gaymufti for adding this one!

Most highly rated (1)
Added by Conran

I love to see what other dudes are appreciating, so it's great to have the "Most Favorite" feature to search with.
And this is the one at the top of that favorite list, and I can certainly understand why!

Who wouldn't want to be at the mercy of this incredibly hot muscle dude? And just look at all that uncut man-mean on show! I swear I didn't intend this to be foreskin week! lol

Once those boys are done sucking each other under the orders of that hot officer, they get to work on his solid cock, and that's a thick beauty too.
Although I'd love to see that uniformed dude suck some of that cock, it's pretty hot to see him sliding his dick into that boys ass and with the other kid, double fucking him. How that young guy managed to take all that dick is beyond me. I can just imagine what it felt like to feel that swollen cock sliding against his as he fucked him. Yum.

And what a cum load from that hung dude! I love to see jets of spunk fly from a dick, and that dude certainly pulls it off (so to speak) :)

Enjoy, I did!

A Homeless Fantasy?
Added by Conran

So I get a whole lot of fantasies out there in the porn world. There's a whole lot of them that get repeated by a lot of studios and some of the hottest have to be the locker room and gym shoots, the straight buddy convinced to go gay, the back room sex, the cruising themed porn and the hitchhiker picked up and then sucked off.
But this is the first time I've seen the Homeless Guy Fantasy!

There are a few things that are a little wrong with this in my opinion. You know, while there are a lot of hot young guys out there living on the street, there aren't many you'd actually invite into your home. I'm sorry to say it, but something like 90% of guys on the street are there because they have substance abuse issues, and that IS NOT SEXY! lol

Plus, isn't there a moral thing when it comes to making porn out of a serious social issue? I mean, homelessness is a serious problem in all countries, and using that subject as the story for a porn movie is a little bit freaky! lol

I don't know. They are really hot, and those uncut dicks cumming at the end are totally horny to watch. But the the whole homeless guy thing really turns me off.

Thanks go to sockrob for adding it, they are really hot and sexy guys. Just not my kind of fantasy I think.


WTF Does "Boink" Mean?
Added by Conran

So, I used the term Boink in my last post, and it occurred to me that a lot of our international audience here might not actually know what it means. I use it quite often, and quite often I find I have to explain what it means. You could probably work it out for yourself but I'll enlighten you anyway.
Boinking is "bumping uglies". It means to "do the horizontal waltz". It means to fuck. ;)

I once said it to a Spanish guy and he was REALLY confused, and it took a lot of explaining. I had to give him a mime in the end. That was quite funny, in the middle of a bar, while a whole crowd is looking at you completely failing in basic translation and resorting to miming ass fucking lol

Still, it did the trick :)

Currently watching one of those hot jerking off videos and loving every second of it. Think I might just have to have a bit of a tommy-tank before bed. And thanks go to groovdafied for uploading this one! ;)

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