Beefy Muscle!
Added by Conran

You know when you see a pic and you have something go through your head right away? I guess you can imagine the first thing I thought when I saw this really hot beefy muscle guy doing push ups naked. No, it wasn't "I wish I could do that" (I can actually lol). It was "I'd love to be under him!" ;)

Why is it so sexy just to see a hot guy like him working out naked? I've noticed that it really turns me on to see a hot guy like this dude getting a sweat on with his dick out and swinging around. I don't know why that is or where it comes from, but there's just something really erotic about it.

But I guess it could just be the idea of watching someone doing something naked, when you wouldn't normally see it. Either way it's hot.
And I think the hottest thing about this shot might just be the idea that he has a buddy there with him taking this pic. And I can just imagine that his but probably stroked his cock to this later too ;)

Hot guy, hot cock, hot scenario too. Thanks Mitch069, you added another sexy pic for me to appreciate!

Cum Party
Added by Conran

Have I said before that one of my fantasies is to have a whole load of guys squirt their cum all over me? Well if I haven't, I have now.
Whenever I go out cruising I imagine that there might be a big group of guys there. I'd start off cruising one hot young dude and convince him to head over toward where the car park is. I'd get his cock out and start sucking, making sure all the guys cruising can see us. Then as each of them comes over I suck on them for a while too. Then I get all the guys around me and have them to try to compete to get their dick in my mouth.

You just know that when one cock starts to fire off a load it seems to cause a chain reaction and every other cock there starts to squirt too. I'd get them all to unload all over my face and in my mouth.

Alas, I have never had the opportunity to live out this fantasy, because every time I go out cruising there's only a few guys there, and they're all wandering around in pairs. The most I've had in one go was two dudes and they were more interested in fucking each other while they took turns sucking my dick.
Don't get me wrong, I never turn down a good cock sucking. But I would like, just once, to find a whole group of guys who want me to take their loads.

Maybe I should contact BukkakeBoys and offer my services? I'd get paid for it too! And I'd have a whole room of young guys willing to shoot their cum on my face.


Ever Sucked a Straight Dude?
Added by Conran

So how many guys here have a fantasy about sucking a straight dude's dick? We all do, right? Well, I am pleased to say that I've had my fair share.
If it's a straight buddy, the trick is to get them comfortable around you, and get them a little drunk. Preferably with some porn playing. Strangers are easier, they have less to fear. There's no chance of it getting back to another friend or his Mrs!
And it's amazing how often a straight guy will return the favour too, at least jerking your dick while you work on him. I have this theory that most straight guys have a fetish for cock anyway, even if they don't admit it. Why else would there be so much cock in straight porn? Surely if they were 100% straight it would all be pussy porn and lesbian action?

So whether you have or haven't it's definitely hot to watch straight guys getting it. And this video below features the subject well. The guy is so good-looking, and he has a great cock too. His body is slim but athletic and a bit furry too - so masculine!
He gets his thick dick sucked properly, probably like he's never had it before. And after he squirts his load over his cock suckers chin and lips, you just know he'll be back for more. And so will we.
Long live the horny straight dude! :)


I Would Pull Over
Added by Conran

You know, I have often been told that it's dangerous to pick up guys on the side of the road. You never know whether a hitchhiker is actually a serial killer lol

But I have to be honest here and say that I don't give a fuck about safety if the guy at the side of the road is this hunk with his hard cock ready to be sucked!

I would be pulling over for this guy in an instant, ready to work that dick and make him shoot a hot load of cream down my throat ;)

Come on guys, you have to admit that if you saw this dude standing there at the side of the road with his stiff prick ready to be played with you'd be pulling up for him too, right?

I have to give Mitch069 a huge thank you for adding this photo. It's the first one that got my attention when I arrived here this evening and I just had to comment on it. It's now on my favorites list!

My Kinda Guy!
Added by Conran

Woah, now this hot muscle boy is just my type of guy! Check out this dude with his handsome face, shaved head, muscled arms and delicious dick! Everything about this guy gets my cock hard. He's absolutely hot.

I know it's probably because I love the bad boys, and the straight boys, and guys who like to flash their dicks, and he looks like he fits all three categories. But, even though I think he looks straight, I have a feeling that if he had the chance to play with another dudes dick in that mens room he'd be on it ;)

Of course, I have no freakin' idea, but I have a very active imagination.

Thanks go to Mitch069 (again) totally hot guy, and really tempting. I could spend a while looking at this dude and appreciating that hot cock of his ;)

So I guess this one should have a caption to go with it. And I think that caption has to be...
"I might rob you, or suck your dick. I haven't decided yet."

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