Hot Jock Threesome
Added by Conran

That hard and tattooed dude is the straight one in this threesome from Chaosmen, but he sure seems to enjoy sucking cock and then taking a hard dick in his ass doesn't he! And his cock stays pretty hard most of the time too.
So when does a straight guy become less than straight?

That's a confusing one that could blow your mind if you think about it too hard, kind of like time travel lol

I guess he just loves to get off, and if there's just a lot of hard cock in the room, you have to use that to put on a good show and give the audience something to jerk off to. And they sure provide plenty of that in this shoot!

He isn't the only one really turned on by the whole thing. Check out the cum load that Nash shoots!" He's been in plenty of other hot videos there, but this cum load is really impressive!

I love how Kristopher uses a toy at the end to get himself off. I guess he discovered his prostate a while ago and loves to feel something ramming against his prostate to make him squirt his jizz. And he only pulls that toy out once he's shot his big load of spunk everywhere. Yummy!

Loved the hot inked dudes. I don't know what it is about tattoos, but they do something for me. What can I say, I guess I'm a bit of a punk at heart! lol


Wanking Weekend - Friday (2)
Added by Conran

So, after our hasty shopping trip getting something decent for the beach and the night out on Saturday me and my buddy got back to the hotel. We had a list of what was happening over the weekend, but it had a note that things would likely change.

A few of us had all swapped numbers earlier, so I guess we'd all kind of made decisions about who we wanted to hook up with over the weekend without needing to really say it.

We got back to the hotel and had a shower, which was really difficult. Both of us were really horny, totally hard the second we got in there, and after a little mutual cock stroking we had to stop to prevent ourselves from cumming. We didn't want to spoil the night.

But we still didn't really know what to do next.

I knew there was a porn session planned in the largest room the guys had booked, with the organizer staying there. So I double-checked with my buddy that he was okay to go and he was really eager! I tried to tell him that I wasn't sure what to expect by he just showed me the outline of his boner in his shorts and said he really didn't care!

So we headed up, and nervously knocked on the door. The organizer answered and was really pleased to see us. We went in and immediately grabbed a beer to join the group of about 10 guys scattered around on the sofas chatting and drinking. It really was just like a party, with some 90's rock playing in the background and a silent bisexual porno playing on the large cinema screen. We were immediately welcomed and before I knew it me and my buddy were engaged in plenty of conversations about our shopping, my stolen laptop, our lives in general, politics... all sorts.

I don't know where the first cock appeared, but I looked around to see what a few guys were clapping about and one guy was standing up to get naked. He was the decorator, and he had a really nice body, and a hot 8 inch cock jutting out in front of him.

Our organizer was next, showing off a nice curved 7 inch dick. Then lube appeared and cock after cock was being eased out. I didn't want to be the last so I quickly joined in and my buddy followed. The guy next to me was the manager of a restaurant I mentioned earlier, and he had a pretty nice thick dick, and we spent a while comparing and complimenting each other. My buddy joined in, grabbing my dick and stroking it for me and before I knew what had happened every guy in the room had a cock in his hand. The lube was being passed around, hands were being swapped and over to the other end of the sofa some guys started sucking each other.

And that's how it went for about an hour, just a load of guys all stroking and chatting, feeling each others dicks, the occasional sucking too. It was so fucking hot to see! A couple of the guys wandered off to fuck in another room, but all of us left were really happy to just be jerking off together and enjoying the porn.

I've been in a couple of group wanking sessions before and I know how it goes when the first cum load flies. I don't know if it's the smell or sight of it, but as soon as one dude fires off it seems every other guy follows, and that's pretty much what happened.
My buddy watched as the restaurant manager leaned in to really stroke my cock when I mentioned I needed to cum. He lubed up his hand and stroked my shaft while my buddy played with my balls, then I was shooting. I was so glad I'd saved it up, but I came so hard! I don't think I've shot a fountain of cum like that since I was a teenager! It soaked my new friends hand and splashed all over me, and all over his arm. My buddy got plenty of it too and smeared it over his cock and had me stroke him off next, and another massive load followed. He was always a big splasher, but it was pretty impressive!

We both stroked our new friend next, and the restaurant manager dumped a nice load up over his abs and chest as my buddy and I did a double hand job on his shaft and nuts.

Wipes appeared and we cleaned up a little, but we stuck around to watch some more cum flying, and joined in again to shoot another load before heading back to our room, where we had another wank just between the two of us! lol

It was an awesome first night. The only down side was that the 26 year old DJ (who was really gorgeous!) had decided to go out to one of the clubs. I really wanted to see him naked and stroking, even if he wasn't into mutual. Thankfully that changed on the Sat.

Now, I'm horny as ever and need to unload. So I'm going through the porn and checking out something to stroke out a cum load to. Just watching this hot video of a muscle dude having his cock expertly serviced, so I think it might be this one that makes me squirt ;)
Thanks go to Tonyjnr for uploading this one.


The Hotties Are Out!
Added by Conran

Nice day today, really hot and sunny, and you know what that means...
I looked out of my bedroom window this morning (after missing my alarm clock!) after being stirred from my snoozing by the loud whine of drilling. I'm like anyone else when it comes to noises like that, no matter what time it is if you're woken up by it you bitch about it.
I did too, until I looked out of my window and saw that my neighbor had hired a couple of guys to replace his garden fencing.

That in itself is not odd, he's always hiring people to go in there and fix something, decorate, build a HUGE BBQ (that was his last project). What was great about this was that the two guys replacing that fence must have been part time male models. Both were gorgeous, in their late 20's, one was short and well-built, the other taller and muscled but lean. Both with a few tattoos, and both with sexy bulges in their shorts. And apart from boots that was all they were wearing.

It may have been my morning boner sticking out in front of me, or maybe it was the fact that both guys were so hot, I don't know, but I was immediately captivated and spent an hour at my window watching them work. I even got a wave from the younger dude as he said "morning!"

Nope, I didn't jerk off watching them. I did think about it though :)
Now, this video has no connection. But I’ve just watched it an the guy is seriously hot. And I always feel obliged to add a video for you guys to enjoy.

Uniformed Men
Added by Conran

Has anyone seen that ad for the Uniform Dating website? Is it just in the UK or global? It always makes me chuckle, but after watching this movie I think I might have to get on there and check out some of the fire fighters!

What is it about men in uniform that is so hot? I get that plenty of them are really built and incredibly hunky, but a lot of them aren’t. You don’t have to be a gym toned twenty-something to be a fire-fighter do you?

These guys are clearly not. I don’t think I have ever seen a twink fire-fighter anywhere. Even the rookies are usually well-built hunks who go to the gym and train to be able to carry some of that heavy shit up stairwells.

Another thing that springs to mind when I’m watching this is... how do they get all the equipment and rent the sets? Are there local fire-houses listed as gay porn venues anywhere?

I can imagine there are listings in some mainstream industry magazines somewhere, but I can imagine have gay porn in mind when they offer the use of their building in exchange for cash.

But then again, this looks like a European shoot, and you know Europeans are a little more relaxed and liberal when it comes to these things. Hell, in most of Eastern Europe I dare say you’d just need to chuck a fair bit of cash at them and they’d be more than willing to turn the other *cough* cheek!


French Hunk Cock Pic
Added by Conran

Almost the start of another week. I can't believe how fast the weekends pass now. I don't remember my weekends passing so quickly when I was younger, but then they do say time passes when you're having fun, and I'm definitely having more fun now than I was back then!

I went out a couple of times this weekend, and I hooked up with a guy I've kind of been seeing for a few months now. I think I told you about the young guy I met at a party a while ago and thought he might be a little clingy. Well he definitely isn't. He's out there sowing his oats and we hook up for some fun a few times a month now. It's actually pretty great to meet up with him and see he's learned something new from some guy ;)

So I'm back in here tonight thinking about the week ahead and blowing off some steam and I saw this pretty hot pic of a really sexy inked muscle guy. I love these self pics. When it's someone else taking the pic for them I wonder who it is, but when it's a self-pic I'm wondering why they took it and who they were hoping would see it.

I guess most of the guys who do this are probably straight, but it makes me wonder what they would think to know guys were getting off on checking them out too. I'd definitely not throw this dude out of my bed! Check out that uncut cock, I bet that's a big dick when he's really hard and ready to go! ;)

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