My Date
Added by Conran

So I mentioned a few days ago that I had a date lined up for the weekend, and last night I I met up with the guy at a local bar and we had a really pleasant evening, played some pool, put some tunes on, and got to know each other. I wasn't sure what to expect, because most of my "dates" are a pretext for just hooking up. In fact I think almost all the guys I've met up with in the last two years have been straight/curious and into jerking off over porn, and that's pretty much it - of course there is the occasional cock sucking in there too ;)

So this guy was a little bit different, and although he's a little more reserved than I would normally go for, he's so fucking hot it's unreal!

To look at him you'd think he was straight, and he's a real muscle guy so you kind of think he must sleep around a lot. There's no doubt he has guys and girls throwing themselves at him, but he's just not into it.

We actually greed on one thing - friendship first. He's not so much looking for a boyfriend, but a friend with benefits would be good - his words not mine ;)

I'm not gonna turn that down. And we do have a date next month too. I'm happy to take it slow, he's a nice guy, and like I say he's hot as hell too. And if that bulge in his jeans is anything to go by (which of course it is) he's hung too lol

Speaking of hung, check out this video added by vini.rodripe it's short but hot, a big cock dumping cum in a horny dudes mouth - delicious!

Historical Porn
Added by Conran

It does always amaze me how people come up with ideas for porn shoots. I think almost everything must have been done already by now with the sheer number of porn videos there are in the world. But this one caught my attention and it raised a funny question in my mind...

Check out the video below, which is obviously supposed to be an Ancient Rome theme. Now, I know there is a Victorian porn movie out there, where the stars dressed up in period costume and fucked in a British stately home. I know there's themed porn from the 1930's. I know there's probably a whole lot more too.

But my question is, how far back do we go? Is there caveman porn? lol

And if not, why not? Surely someone must have though of it. It would be a pretty cheap and basic shoot too. Just get some leather, find a cave, and get fucking. lol

I challenge anyone here to find caveman porn and send me a message. If you do, I'll give you 10,000 internet porn points. You can't use them for anything, but one day someone might come forward with a million internet points in total and be crowned king of all the internet. You never know what could happen. ;)

That Audio Thing
Added by Conran

So a while ago I mentioned that a buddy of mine was having a problem with porn, and that a friend of ours suggested to him that he strip the sound out of a movie and put it on a MP3 player and just jerk off listening to the sounds.

And I told you that I'd tried it, and I have to say that I'm pretty addicted to it now! lol

I told my buddy about it a couple of weeks ago and he said he hadn't tried it, he's a bit crap at anything technical when a PC is involved. So I told him I'd do it for him.

I downloaded a movie, used my program to strip the sound and sent it to him by email. I wasn't sure what to choose to start with, but because he's straight I thought I'd have a bit of fun and I chose a gang bang video with five guys all banging a chick. The sound was mostly them when they were cumming, really loud and cheering each other on.

So yesterday he emailed me raving about how hot it was! I'm glad I'm not alone in my enjoyment of it, but I find it pretty funny that he got off to the sound of a load of guys shooting their cum loads and encouraging each other.

So anyway, tonight I'm beating my meat to this hot video, I'm only half way in at the moment and I'm already about to cum so I think some edging is in order!

Thanks to Whitepants for uploading it!

Wrestling boner!
Added by Conran

I have to thank Ploert for this. I mentioned before about guys wrestling, and wondering how guys manage when they get boners in the ring. We all know it happens, and when I think back to my days in school and college I can recall several times when boners were hard to hide (pun definitely intended).

I think the worst for me was being in the showers after swimming. While it was a hobby of mine after college in the evenings, I have to admit that a lot of it was being able to watch and hang out with some of those really gorgeous guys. But the down side to that was the inevitable erection in the showers. Of course, I wasn't the only one, but it can be a little scary, especially for a young man and when there are two or three guys in there who are obviously buddies.

But this guy had to be mortified after this. Being led around and knowing all eyes are on you while your cock is so obviously hard! Poor guy.
I do have to wonder what the response of those in the crowd would be to this though. I mean, where do you put your eyes? And how many of the guys in the audience got hard when they saw that dick too? lol

Hot guy, and a hot pic too! I might have to look around out there and see what I can find too ;)

Really Hard Cocks
Added by Conran

Something really strange occurred to me today, and I really don't have any explanation for it. Normally I can kind of think up an explanation for something, but this is elusive.

I was watching a video of Cody Cummings today and it occurred to me that he never gets his cock really rock hard. It always curves down, kind of semi-hard. It can't be the gay-for-pay thing because even when he's fucking a chick in his videos he doesn't get totally hard either.

Then I watched another video with a really hot muscle jock guy with an 8" cock, and it was rock hard, throbbing, curved upward right to his belly. Like the boy in this pic, his dick pointed to the roof. Kinda saying "hey, look up there!" lol

But why is this? Is there something that changes the way a guys hard dick stands? Mine is just above horizontal when it's hard, and I have a wanking buddy who's dick curves upward and stands pointing right at him when he's solid.

It's just something that made me wonder today, so I thought I'd throw that out there for you guys just in case anyone knows ;)

Thanks go to Mitch069 for this pic, definitely a hot young guy and I would love to suck on that thing for him!

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