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  • ursjans @ 09:39 am CST:: was the site hijacked? Just wondering about security.
  • DigitalBrain @ 12:40 am CST:: Sorry about the issues, it's fixed now.
  • tgskyz777 @ 12:30 am CST:: ITS WORKING.... YAAAHHHHH!!
  • tgskyz777 @ 12:16 am CST:: you can upload photos... but videos you cant... that sux
  • Saphalasir @ 11:38 pm CST:: anyone going on the roulette chat or the room chat area?
  • tgskyz777 @ 08:40 pm CST:: 6 hours and no uploads... really sad...
  • Bobdorey @ 08:12 pm CST:: maybe instead of asking me to log in every time i take a pis, you should worry about this website being fucking broken down every other day, webby, give me a call if i am wrong,.......
  • Mewmccus @ 07:23 pm CST:: Oh Dear - Error!
  • Mewmccus @ 07:16 pm CST:: hey, no video uploads for hours... Trouble? Tell you what, I'll give it a go!
  • hetty0718 @ 01:09 pm CST:: Webmaster, something must be wrong in the encoding, My third try and uploading is completed but the encoding always failed.
  • nipplery5 @ 12:30 pm CST:: Hi Brian, best wishes for you from Germany.
  • Kevinjack @ 09:07 am CST:: hi theban all the best form london kevin
  • Theban @ 08:49 am CST:: hey pete. have i had a great 6 weeks. broken hip replacement & the rest of the time in a occupational rehab centre. Whoops - mind that lightening bolt - his aims lousy - think he needs new glasses
  • Kevinjack @ 08:08 am CST:: hi kiss daniel900
  • Daniel900 @ 07:48 am CST:: Hello GUYS Im New Here
  • Clio35 @ 07:31 am CST:: Hi guys
  • wrestlemania @ 04:31 am CST:: Now I will post a vid a member asked for. So please let it be for him!!!
  • wrestlemania @ 04:26 am CST:: Thank you very much!!! 3 of more than 6 vids I posted yesterday are now left?! Daaaaanke!!! I am they were not black listed, so they were reported arbitrarily! Daaanke, Thank you so much!!! I have an old slowly analog internet connection. Only 120 kbt/sec. upload speed. It takes a long time to post vids. In addition most of them have been desired. From the free members I expect more respect. Post vids to get access to Boyztube!!! The videos are interesting to me, I have seen once a week in 3 minutes. So maybe I am here for networking. There should be some people here who enjoy it when they do other something nice. And then there are those who let do the others and exploit it for their selfish purposes. Post vids to the community here. For this Boyztube was launched. Give and take, alright! So do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kevinjack @ 03:52 am CST:: hi Guyforguy have a good one !!
  • Guyforguy @ 01:20 am CST:: goodmorning everyone

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