Tim Tri Birch - Part 2
14-03-2012 17:57
27-08-2014 21:28
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Short spanking video/clip
14-03-2012 17:54
30-08-2014 05:16
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Tim Tri Birch - Part 1
14-03-2012 17:54
28-08-2014 00:00
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Short latin spanking clip - Classic
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Gay boss dressed in tight leather suit taking care of slave immobilized in rope sucking spanking and fucking the poor man in rough sex video shoot
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Dirty gay doctor and assistant using their clinic to fuck male patients in violent bondage sex and ass drilling in amazing fantasy video scene
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Martial arts fighter Ali is sweating in the dressing room when he is visited by 2 female officials from the boxing board to weigh him. In his haste to undress for the 2 two authoritarian women he doesn't notice that Rose is still in her sexy school uniform. Perhaps all is not as it seems. Deciding that Ali is a little heavier than she'd like Mistress Tilly demands that he strip completely nude for them. The blushing lad tries to hide his penis and balls behind his hands but the girls make him expose himself. He is right to be worried as Tilly cruelly suggests castration to reduce the boy's weight. The girls make the tearful boy run naked around the room to sweat the weight off, cutting him with vicious riding crops to make him run faster. His threatened genitals bounce up and down stupidly making the girls laugh at him. A strenuous workout at the hands of the 2 vixens is in the offing. Beginning with push-ups to exhaustion the girls mean business. As he nears exhaustion the girls detect some hesitation in the arrogant fighter's demeanour. They have ways of dealing with full-of-it males...some foot worship will let him know his place! Rose bends over and Ali is allowed to kiss her arse after every completed sit up. What a deliciously evil method of per***al training Mistress Rose! They add star jumps to tire him further before more push-ups with foot licking as a treat. The *** wretch is near exhaustion. Ali's lame st***na really tests the patience of Rose and Tilly. Some strenuous sit-ups with pussy licking rewards will push him to complete exhaustion. Flattened on the floor under Rose's weight he is beaten all the more by Tilly and, with tears pouring down his face, he has to lick his tormentrix's boot under a torrent of verbal ***.
11-03-2012 10:29
29-08-2014 07:35
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20 year old footballer John begins to undress after a hard training session when he notices 2 women in the corner of the changing room. The smiling females aren't in the least bit embarrassed. They enjoy catching a *** male undressing. In fact they demand that he continue to strip. Rebecca and Tamzin spin the red-faced boy around so they can ex***ne his lithe body. As they pull down his shorts, touch and critique his bum and legs John doesn't know what to do. He is a boy and they are women, he thinks, so he can't stop them. His healthy *** cock thinks so too, springing up firmly as the women tug his undies down to his ankles. What a response considering the females are fully clothed? I guess his naive penis must think it's on a promise! Now he starts to feel his cheeks blush as the girls giggle at his nudity. Tamzin deliciously teasing his growing erection. Then something odd happens. Rebecca pushes the virtually nude boy onto his knees. His bare rear end sticking up in the air vulnerably, he is made to kiss Tamzin's high-heeled shoes. He immediately begins to feel very degraded. Men shouldn't do this should they? In this submissive position his bum cheeks separate easily allowing anyone who wants one a clear view of his pink virgin bum-hole. John knows this must be wrong, very wrong. Yet the 2 women steadily increase his humiliation. They make him poke out his long wet tongue so he can slobber over his Mistress's shoes, tasting the dirt and feeling her toes just beneath the surface. He is made to thank the ladies for the privilege too. This can't be right can it? The strangeness of thanking his tormentors does not compute in the athlete's brain. To help him learn Mistress Rebecca corrects him with more punishments. She makes him deep throat her stiletto heel. Imagine the embarrassment if his team-mates could see him now! As Tazmin shoves her heel down his throat Rebecca treads on his cock which swells painfully. As the discomfort increases...so does the swelling! The lad's cock is a masochist even if he isn't. In his new subordinate role John is defenceless when Rebecca fastens a ball-gag tightly into his startled mouth and Rebecca cuffs his wrists. The naked boy is then dragged into the shower room and trussed up from a shower head on the wall. Yet his stupid cock still grows ever harder, even leaking pre-cum, while the Mistresses set to work on it, laughing as they flick it from side to side. Rebecca squeezes his nuts so hard in the palm of her hand that the boy cries out in agony. He can't ***ieve the cruelty of these bitches. The 2 girls pick up floggers with which to beat the naked boy, aiming a cat-o-nine-tails at his *** erection. As the women relentlessly beat and bust his balls with floggers the dim football jock finally realises that the women are sadists. The more pain and humiliation he suffers the more fun for them! He twists and turns to avoid the blows. The Mistresses eagerly tie up his cock and balls tightly with rope and attach them to the plumbing. Now when he pulls away from their wicked whips he busts his own genitals. That'll keep the bastard in place! Even with hot tears falling down his face the female sadists don't let up. His nipples have vicious clips placed on them and his tightly bound cock and balls too. His yelps of pain are met only with cackles of laughter from the bitches who proceed to whack the clips off his tormented cock and testicles with a riding crop, over and over. The once proud *** footballer is left quivering, covered in tears, drool and red welts from his treatment at the hands of the cruel Mistresses.
10-03-2012 08:38
30-08-2014 06:07
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