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  • Str8but @ 02:31 pm CST:: Me thinks they have a cop fetish...
  • ryuenzeen @ 02:30 pm CST:: well, i think someone out there has 'flagging hobby' - the porn justice league ~ heh
  • Str8but @ 01:50 pm CST:: Mine had only 1 flag and they were deleted. Funny thing is you can't tell by the title alone because there are many models that use the same first name, and many have multiple videos too. Either way I think that flag should be eliminated. The only legitimate one is the copyright one. Even the video doesn't play flag should go especially if there is only 1 person reporting it. More than likely the problem is with their computer since I check every video I post to see that it plays and looks decent.
  • ryuenzeen @ 01:42 pm CST:: yeah, and it's not like we always upload 15 mins and above just for free mins. I wonder how many flags required (other than uploader himself) before Mr webbie decides to delete the vid
  • Str8but @ 01:32 pm CST:: Hey RY, I hear you loud and clear. I had 7 videos deleted yesterday for the same reason. Whoever is doing it should try sharing instead of discouraging others to share. Just my opinion...
  • ryuenzeen @ 01:01 pm CST:: yeah, totally mad bcoz I had to like..spent 30 mins for each upload. Re-upload is one heck of a job
  • Kevinjack @ 12:53 pm CST:: hi nyuenzeen all the boyz love you vid,s and you hard work fuck him and get some moooooooooo up kiss for the weekend kj
  • ryuenzeen @ 11:32 am CST:: wtf, someone flagged my vid as multiple upload and it got deleted. I guess this person is blind. Of course it's the same guy in different act. Read the description before flagging the vid
  • Guyforguy @ 05:07 am CST:: 2 hours to go for the LIVE stream, from the Amsterdam Pride Parade.
  • Kanaloa136 @ 02:37 am CST:: Ditto -- no player problems & quality seems much better (via Chrome and moderately fast internet speed).
  • tgskyz777 @ 11:12 pm CST:: no Problems in California... All videos play fine for me... .. sorry boys..
  • ulalasreportshow @ 11:10 pm CST:: just download videos without playing them and delete them on your hard drive after if you have to
  • ulalasreportshow @ 11:08 pm CST:: guys don't bother with play the videos
  • nbix @ 09:30 pm CST:: New player is even worse than the old one. Skipping ahead is useless.
  • umyboy1234 @ 05:59 pm CST:: and tickle
  • bercecero @ 05:24 pm CST:: Inteloore great fan of bondage here.. and more
  • aqua25 @ 05:02 pm CST:: can someone please post some clips of ben from cp4men? thanks!
  • dnz777 @ 04:53 pm CST:: hello turkey
  • Intelcore281994 @ 10:15 am CST:: anyone here into bondage?
  • Friendlyguyrs @ 10:06 am CST:: Skype friendlyguyrs quick one no face no mic. Bearish guy here. 18+ only.

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