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  • ticklishdaveny @ 02:43 pm CST:: I couldn't care if The Netherlands votes themselves off The Earth .
  • wh3620 @ 02:19 pm CST:: could someone who lives in the Toronto area tie me up and sell me
  • bobbybeany @ 01:27 pm CST:: please do more feet vids pleasw
  • ticklishdaveny @ 11:12 am CST:: Yes he's solving the worlds problems , and opening a new golf course
  • fritz819 @ 10:52 am CST:: Thanks, tickie! I missed you too. I appreciate that. Hope all is well in your part of the land. NY should be very happy right now with Drumpf in Scotland!!! I hope the Scots will forgive us.
  • ticklishdaveny @ 10:50 am CST:: Glad you're back , I missed you
  • fritz819 @ 10:49 am CST:: Just wanted to say a quick "thanks" to Moderator John. I had a problem with my signin info and he was absolutely terrificly helpful. Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Guyforguy @ 09:41 am CST:: And a country that does not respect freedom of the press and refusing to give gays more right, like TURKEY, should never be a member of the EU
  • voldemort71 @ 09:41 am CST:: See you laterrrrrrrrrs
  • voldemort71 @ 09:41 am CST:: And now I have to make dinner, now I still can pay for it )
  • Guyforguy @ 09:40 am CST:: Yea, really
  • voldemort71 @ 09:40 am CST:: Yes, but that is how politics works, welcome in the grown up world
  • voldemort71 @ 09:39 am CST:: The result is that ONE country refuses to sign....... and nothing will happen becasue what can a small country say? So Europe must change, but I think we will have to stick together. Weve build this after the war, we all benefit from it and i dont want my groceries to get more expensive... that s gonna happen when all the trade ehm....hamdelsverdragen....komen te vervallen bij het uiteenvallen van de EU
  • Guyforguy @ 09:39 am CST:: But they are so big headed....they are themselves to blame. The french are even worse, but then again they are a reliable EU partner.
  • Guyforguy @ 09:38 am CST:: A united Europa should have the same currency..
  • Guyforguy @ 09:37 am CST:: If the Brits want to stay in the EU, they should also have the EURO, otherwise OUT. Thats what i think.
  • fritz819 @ 09:37 am CST:: Voldy, I think you're right. I think it is the end of the UK as we have known it.
  • voldemort71 @ 09:36 am CST:: I dont think the British will benefit from leaving the EU. They will be sorry, when it turns out they realize what they have done to their youth, who wants to stay in the EU, and again, Ireland and Scotland will mkae problems because they want to stay. And when Spain is clsong their border on Gibraltar.........cold war will be back
  • Guyforguy @ 09:34 am CST:: Thats what i mean voldemort...spending millions of EURO, and the result ???
  • voldemort71 @ 09:33 am CST:: Yes, the Ukrain referendum was also a joke.....

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