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  • Ash_21 @ 03:53 pm CST:: Hey guys
  • nipplery5 @ 12:58 pm CST:: Yes, I just begin to send the file to the webmaster. Best thanks for your help!
  • DigitalBrain @ 12:56 pm CST:: Please write in the notes that "Digital Brain" requested it, so the webmaster will forward it to us
  • DigitalBrain @ 12:55 pm CST:: nipplery5: It might be that something goes wrong while transferring. I'd like to check the video, could you send it via WeTransfer to [email protected]?
  • nipplery5 @ 12:44 pm CST:: @DigitalBrain: I have checked my video and it play fine on my computer. (Format: WMV)
  • nipplery5 @ 12:40 pm CST:: @DigitalBrain: No, now I get the message: "This file seems to be corrupted, encoding can't proceed. Please check the file and try again.. "
  • blakhopela @ 12:23 pm CST:: Love all the French Vids! Thanks!!
  • DigitalBrain @ 12:20 pm CST:: We'll know in 30 minutes
  • nipplery5 @ 12:06 pm CST:: Yes, I have thirty minutes remaining till the upload is finished. I have the suspicion that of the resident viruses protection is the cause.
  • DigitalBrain @ 12:02 pm CST:: You are going to upload now?
  • nipplery5 @ 11:57 am CST:: @DigitalBrain: Thanks a lot! I'm trying to upload for the fourth time with temporarily deactivated antivirus software. It maybe possible that the antvirus software is the reason for the problems.
  • DigitalBrain @ 11:50 am CST:: nipplery5: We are investigating the problem. This is unacceptable indeed.
  • nipplery5 @ 10:40 am CST:: @Bjbottom: I try to upload a two hours video for the third time. Nine hours uploading for nothing - that's sad.
  • nipplery5 @ 10:37 am CST:: @Bjbottom: This is since a week my problem too. After uploading a video the progress bar appears three seconds - then it disappears. The uploaded video was not encoded and never have been online.
  • thatbro2010 @ 09:44 am CST:: This site is the best...jerk off guys!!!
  • mikey11 @ 07:50 am CST:: Just uploaded 3 hd vids, super high upload speed (yay!) and all 3 are encoding right now. So I guess no probs here.
  • bobnlech @ 07:43 am CST:: we're having the same problem .. we've tried both old and new uploaders
  • Bjbottom @ 07:29 am CST:: Webmaster, it seems every other upload completes, but fails to encode and appear, but yet the number of videos uploaded increases by one. Just letting you know. Thanks.
  • baryafe @ 06:12 am CST:: hello
  • Guyforguy @ 02:48 am CST:: nope

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