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  • losorozzco @ 10:43 pm CST:: hola
  • Str8but @ 10:24 pm CST:: Hiya Brian, good to see you, hope you are doing good. We miss you buddy.
  • mark_78_ @ 11:31 am CST:: español!!!
  • foxmaw @ 10:29 am CST:: اسكندرية
  • foxmaw @ 10:29 am CST:: ممكن حد من مصر اسكندرية بالاخص
  • mikey11 @ 10:00 am CST:: Some HD vids are not being labelled as such...just FYI
  • Theban @ 08:14 am CST:: I agree with you both ( Str8 & BJ) you are both on the same page - Oh & hi all luffs ya
  • jarould @ 02:23 am CST:: Oh..., my...
  • Kevinjack @ 01:57 am CST:: i will give you a good spanking ,kj
  • aqua25 @ 11:02 am CST:: can someone please post the spanking clip "you little thief" by gytd? thanks
  • WDDGD @ 04:20 am CST:: 来踩一踩
  • jarould @ 03:03 am CST:: Machos.
  • HunterGreen2 @ 11:11 pm CST:: Any sexuality that is harmful should banned, but sex that is merely bad taste to some should not. Pedophilia, and tissue damage meet this criteria. Can't see censoring beyond that.
  • Str8but @ 10:26 pm CST:: Point well taken, I am certain we are on the same page about this. I don't like everything I see but have learned to pass it over for the sake of sanity...
  • Bjbottom @ 10:24 pm CST:: Oops, I did not realize my bf had been logged in, previous post was meant to be from me.
  • Jizzjunkie @ 10:18 pm CST:: Pete, you and I are in agreement .... absolutely I believe in tolerance of others' tastes and fetishes ... if it not my taste, I just don't watch it ... it is that simple. However, tolerance and respect of others does not mean we turn a blind eye to established rules, norms, and standards. That was all I was trying to get across
  • Str8but @ 10:04 pm CST:: BJ, I think that goes without saying and couldn't agree more. I think my original point was "TOLERANCE" for that which is not to our liking but maybe is to someone else. It seems to be one of the many things this world is lacking....just sayin
  • blakhopela @ 09:55 pm CST:: I have a foot phobia so its been interesting seeing all of these foot worship vids on herelately! LOL Luckily most are clearly marked and my bad eyesight can't see clearly the thumbnail views when im scroolling
  • aqua25 @ 09:44 pm CST:: can someone please post the spanking clip "you little thief" by gytd? thanks!
  • Bjbottom @ 09:43 pm CST:: @Str8but, bestiality, pedophilia, scat, vomit, etc., would all be sharing, but I think the site's established standards would prevent such things .... I know if I would start seeing such things, I would no longer want to be associated with it .... that is all I am saying.

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