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  • Str8but @ 03:37 pm CST:: We stay a day ahead for our european members to enjoy
  • voldemort71 @ 03:36 pm CST:: Ow I see now!!! Updates for tomorrow....are already on NOW ) I will have a look str8but........
  • voldemort71 @ 03:29 pm CST:: Now you are making me curious........BTW: anyone have buckets??? Phsy is throwing up and I dont know why, but he is thinking my coffin is a sink or something
  • Str8but @ 03:23 pm CST:: Come check out the new update for tommorrow and that should do it nicely
  • voldemort71 @ 03:22 pm CST:: Tell me!!
  • Str8but @ 03:21 pm CST:: Hiya Dutchy, sorry you having a bad weekend, I know how to make it better though...
  • voldemort71 @ 03:20 pm CST:: Orange county?? But......but......HOLLAND is orange county!!! Trumpet......
  • voldemort71 @ 03:20 pm CST:: hello guys, have a nice weekend you all.......my weekend is shit..... Phs was writing earlier that he is drunk in my coffin...... If I please would not make so much noise with my wooden shoes....because he needs his rest.... He was telling me this in a mixture of German/English.....let's call it Germisch or Engman.........
  • Str8but @ 02:57 pm CST:: HAPPY SATURDAY to everyone
  • brown7897 @ 01:15 pm CST:: Hey, any Brits online?
  • ticklishdaveny @ 12:31 pm CST:: PhsY , hope you enjoyed your day & did NOT get any ladies pregnant
  • ticklishdaveny @ 12:29 pm CST:: Tickling ??
  • steven98 @ 12:18 pm CST:: is there anyone who likes tickling too?
  • steven98 @ 12:15 pm CST:: tic klee here
  • Phs633 @ 12:12 pm CST:: Voldy, im back, ich liege betrunkn in deinem coffin, sclhlafe nun,please translate for Ticky, mache mit den klomjes nicht zuviel Krach, ich brauche Ruhe und ich brauche Euch. Kiss Gute Nacht Kuss Dir Voldemortisha and Tickisha, love you my boys, das ist alles was QueenMun hat. Habe meinem Iran Mann nervös gemacht, er mag nur Frauen. Alles OK Er mag mich trotzdem. Übersetzen für Ticky bitte. Love U my Boys Kiss Kiss Kiiss + ond for Lucky
  • toncor @ 11:25 am CST:: any new about Randy Cimmaron?
  • ticklishdaveny @ 11:11 am CST:: Hey Voldy :: our friend Donald Trump make some campaign stops in California --- Orange county. California ...
  • voldemort71 @ 09:26 am CST:: OMG.........I hope not indeed!!!!!
  • ticklishdaveny @ 08:37 am CST:: I hope PhsY doesn't get any ladies pregnant
  • voldemort71 @ 07:42 am CST:: Goodmorning gents! And a goodday to the only blond Italian overhere Ticky! Tick......Phsy is tallking to the ladies today......so he will come home drunk, as you know he did last time spending time at the river...... And before my floor is ruined, when he pukes on it......I did put something on the floor...

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