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  • Theban @ 05:33 pm CST:: You know I still find Bulges more erotic than nude
  • Theban @ 05:27 pm CST:: Come & park in my forecourt & really make the neighbours envious as hell' ( last time I did that was my bosses yacht in his swimming pool)
  • Theban @ 05:20 pm CST:: Thats my sort of in town run around
  • Str8but @ 05:19 pm CST:: well i wont be driving thats for sure, but its more like a rolling home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths
  • Theban @ 05:12 pm CST:: i take it your using a camper - my sister & partner were planning on that but have a young baby foster child but since @ 65 shes only had her driving licence for about 18 mths lets hear it - first time pass - I'm a little pleased about her getting a bit more driving exp
  • Str8but @ 05:11 pm CST:: brb phone again
  • Str8but @ 05:10 pm CST:: I hear it is amazing there. Maybe one day we will try it too
  • Theban @ 05:09 pm CST:: I am going to do the Vancouver - Rockies Quebec trip either next year or year after
  • Str8but @ 05:08 pm CST:: We are gonna try to leave in the morning cuz we already packed it with food and stuff and don't want to have it spoil
  • Theban @ 05:07 pm CST:: When will you be off now - tomorrow?Back in the 60s I booked a train trip N.Y - L.A but because of a broken back had to cancel - by the time i was fit they'd closed the route one of lifes memorable disappointments - still thats the way sometimes
  • Str8but @ 05:07 pm CST:: the way things look right now that is a great idea. We leased a 54' RV and now its covered in snow
  • Theban @ 05:02 pm CST:: i have a friend in Alaska having a husky sale (pre- summer ) I'll see if i can fix you some transport
  • Str8but @ 05:02 pm CST:: Oh yes, the puter and drives were the first thing i packed but had to unpack em for tonights updates
  • Theban @ 05:00 pm CST:: When you get to Florida & being a child of the elect comm age will you still be in contact with we lesser mortals my esteemed computer master
  • Str8but @ 05:00 pm CST:: Not too bad but the snow here is killing us. It screwed up our plans to go south this morning
  • Theban @ 04:59 pm CST:: Oh getting on with it thanks et vous?
  • Str8but @ 04:58 pm CST:: lol, hiya Brian, how you be today?
  • Theban @ 04:56 pm CST:: Hi Pete hows tricks - you know i've just hada point underlined i find amusing - the number of guys who say they are str8 & ten seconds later they've got an 8 inch cock pushing at the back of their throat ( dirty lucky buggers - get to the back of the queue.
  • Str8but @ 04:18 pm CST:: ciaoooooooooo Herby
  • Clio35 @ 04:17 pm CST:: Thanks.ciaoooooooo

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