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  • tgskyz777 @ 12:55 am CST:: sorry I don't want to offend anyone... but it gets kinda old whne people are fighting over nothing.. that's all...
  • tgskyz777 @ 11:56 pm CST:: btw the way.. bjbottom and G4G and lovelycats videos are hot..
  • tgskyz777 @ 11:55 pm CST:: I thought the shoutbox was suppose to be to shout out how Bjbottom videos are or G4G's , Lovelycat etc,..who really cares about rates or comments its an opinion ..Save the political views and bitching to whatever 3rd world country your from and vote for a new president..LOL.. just enjoy the porn.. ITS A PORN SITE to enjoy and wank off...just my opinion,,
  • Bjbottom @ 11:30 pm CST:: @Bobdorey, my comments posted to the shoutbox have not been edited per se .... but a few were deleted
  • Bobdorey @ 07:07 pm CST:: why does BOYZTUBE alter our shouts by adding and subtracting words to make shouts sound the way they want them to read, MAKES ME WANNA GO HHHMMMMM!!!
  • Bobdorey @ 04:31 pm CST:: Ryan1982 is a bitch that commented the other day, gee bobdorey, no complaint and some jibberish, i don't know who the cunt is either!
  • miketheknight @ 04:00 pm CST:: Who the hell is ryan1982??
  • Bobdorey @ 02:56 pm CST:: KJ, don't know where you dug up the great videos lately, quality is great, i wish you could show bobnlech how to get your quality, they have some of the greatest vids, but the quality is bad, such a waste, i'm 52 and not to good as you "OLDTIMERS"know on computers, i'm DUMB
  • Bobdorey @ 02:48 pm CST:: for, i believe, Ryan1982, no problems at present time, but, asshole, when there is a problem, i bitch, just like you and your boyfriend, if you have one....
  • Rioessuf @ 01:48 pm CST:: i wanna get bred again. my boyfriend and his friends use me all the time
  • ryuenzeen @ 12:57 pm CST:: Sorry, to be exact some of my video can't generate any thumbnail. No problem for new video
  • ryuenzeen @ 12:10 pm CST:: Mr Webbie, strange...I can't generate any thumbnail
  • Bjbottom @ 06:10 am CST:: 2 in the front , and 2 in the back
  • Bjbottom @ 06:10 am CST:: oops, queue forming, guys will have to double up )
  • DigitalBrain @ 06:07 am CST:: Yikes!
  • Bjbottom @ 05:46 am CST:: Open holes, no waiting
  • eastonkellan @ 05:21 am CST:: Mr Webbie is like an Olympian God.......once u've seen him in his true form u'll b consumed w/ fire.......now.....do u still wants 2 sleep w/ Mr Webbie @sexymec25.......
  • Guyforguy @ 05:14 am CST:: Guy's, behave
  • Kevinjack @ 04:55 am CST:: Hi sexymec25 are you going to give digitalbrain some man maintenance !!!!!!!!
  • sexymec25 @ 04:33 am CST:: I have a fantasy to sleep with an admin :D

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