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  • voldemort71 @ 08:16 am CST:: Tempcelsius, I discussed the reasonI did not post for a long time, Maybe you missed it, but that is obviously not the point, Shouting every day the same thing in the shoutbox you dont like solovids is not necessary, because (and this is what is is all about) this site is not just for one person with only vids that person likes, bcause if it did i would trhow of anything that has to do with chinese...... I have nothing with chinese.......BUT someone else might like it, so who am I to complain? Understand? Fine!
  • tkqiu @ 08:14 am CST:: @ tempcelsius @ 08:09 am CST:: I totally agree with you!
  • tempcelsius @ 08:09 am CST:: i rely on the search engine so bypass the vids that don't suit me ... nevertheless i do find a few GREAT gems amongst the cams (esp those solos featuring fruit, bottles, taste etc ... it's just my personal bent!). It would be lovely and so convenient if posters would add the tag "only" for searchers such as myself ("spank only", "wank only", "pose only", "wrestle only" etc). i haven't posted yet. Who am i to comment? But Vold, does 10 vids posted, none in the past 10 months, make you the arbiter here and warrant the space you take up in the shout box?
  • tinboi @ 07:45 am CST::
  • voldemort71 @ 07:44 am CST:: Thank you tinboi!
  • tinboi @ 07:40 am CST:: yes voldemort71 preach it
  • voldemort71 @ 07:29 am CST:: The fact you havent post one single video says enough to me! And complaining every day is offensive to the rest of us, because we might like those video's/ Just quit complaining or move on, like I said
  • martec @ 07:28 am CST:: I'm entitled to express my point of view. That's all I've done. Be reasonable.
  • voldemort71 @ 07:26 am CST:: Martec, we know now you dont like those vod's but this site is not only here for you! Accept that fact or move on!
  • martec @ 07:24 am CST:: The endless cams being uploaded every day are spoiling this site. Less is more!
  • voldemort71 @ 07:23 am CST:: Helloooooo Ticky and G4G!!
  • Guyforguy @ 05:44 am CST:: GM to everyone
  • ticklishdaveny @ 03:24 am CST:: Greetings EVERYONE ! Kiss for Munny + what's his name. Oh yeah Voldy
  • haha456 @ 01:47 am CST:: who‘s got the Nathan Justice vids?
  • haha456 @ 01:46 am CST:: who‘s got the Nathan Justice vids?
  • voldemort71 @ 09:07 pm CST:: Kisseeeeeee Tickyyyyy
  • ticklishdaveny @ 08:19 pm CST:: Good night All + Voldy , Incidently „TIcky doesn't have to study he knows what to do . Whether its in bed...or the shower...or on top of the Dining Room Table
  • ticklishdaveny @ 07:15 pm CST:: Kissee PhsY + love , Davey ,Lucky
  • voldemort71 @ 07:13 pm CST:: Goodnight Mother!!! Kisseeeeeee
  • voldemort71 @ 07:13 pm CST:: Ticky, you will study with them!!

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