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  • charlienice4u @ 02:01 pm CST:: ursjans.. if u like a fat cock.. u like a daddy.. mmm... i think u might like a dutch daddy.. lol
  • charlienice4u @ 01:57 pm CST:: i am a dutch daddy.. not a bear.. lol..
  • hopeful.happy @ 01:52 pm CST:: Hello guys
  • Kevinjack @ 01:37 pm CST:: hi but the bears in Holland are hot hot hot,,,,,
  • ursjans @ 12:48 pm CST:: I don't particularly like all the dykes in Holland
  • charlienice4u @ 09:55 am CST:: Kanaloa... sweety.. i know... i love asianboys.. to bad my ex bf my pinoy.. lives to far away from the Netherlands.. i love a small asian cock and a hot tight boypussy.. but i dont like those vids when i cant see a cock ore boypussy clearly... x Charlie
  • nipplery5 @ 06:14 am CST:: That's right!
  • Bjbottom @ 06:05 am CST:: Easy solution, if you are not satisfied with something, do not watch it .... instead of trying to tell others to stop uploading it )
  • Rono11 @ 05:26 am CST:: Kanaloa; Agree totally. The quality of your vids fully compensates for the pixelation (even if I wish it was not pixled ) But, there are also jap vids posted here with very bad quality Not by you) So - keep on posting!
  • Kanaloa136 @ 04:10 am CST:: Be nice, Charlie! The pixellation on Japanese poruno is annoying, and anachronistic given everything else that is OK in Japan. But, sadly, it’s the law there. The offset is that they are the best gay vids available today in terms of production values, camera work and great models, and the top studios have figured out how to minimize the masking. Anyway, the popularity speaks for itself, and why I post a lot of them (but only the best HD stuff), along with Pinoy and Thai clips. Sayonara! Sawatdee! Paalam!
  • Kevinjack @ 03:27 am CST:: hi come on boys ass is ass ????
  • martin_apollo @ 10:27 pm CST:: Hey guys
  • Clio35 @ 05:31 pm CST:: Hi boys
  • charlienice4u @ 03:09 pm CST:: i like asianboys.. my ex is a pinoy.. but looking at all those japanvids.. blurred not able to see a hot cock ore boypussy.. come on!!
  • hogtie @ 01:40 pm CST:: i love be hogtied tight no escaope
  • ryuenzeen @ 01:11 pm CST:: well...that's left you either asian webcam, or commonly Thai or Pinoy....for Japanese I'm not bothered with the masking anymore. I was, the first time seeing it. But not anymore
  • charlienice4u @ 12:49 pm CST:: are you also bored with those japan vids... to many.. and not realy visable.. stop it ... enough pics and vids of jananese boys.. to much blurred..i love asianboys.. but japanboys.. come on!!
  • Kevinjack @ 12:13 pm CST:: i love a hog boy,,,,,kj
  • hogtie @ 10:36 am CST:: who likes hogties
  • Kevinjack @ 05:55 am CST:: hi boys have a top weekend all the best form london,,,,,,kj

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