Wearing a brand new wool sweater with my work shirt underneath, I seduce you with just the thought of what’s beneath this thick layer of sexy clothing… I play with my self slowly, before I cut my way out the thick sweater then rip the buttons straight from my work shirt. My sexy shredded abs are revealed for you to play with, to touch, to lick, but your reminded not to forget to suck my juicy nipples. I urge you to kiss my body, make me hard, make me horny then make me give you it exactly as you like it. As I drop my trousers the noise of my powerful moaning and groaning is mixed with the lube rubbing up and down my cock as your sucking my balls to give me the mother load of cum shots, get ready to lick it of my body.. Just as you like it.
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Everyone needs to be fucked hard at some point in their life. A fuck from a real MAN. You need a real good rough fuck at the end of this working week, I know you would love my god like body sweating allover you. Theres no ifs, no buts. Only you and me, and you doing as your told. Slip my converse jacket off, pull my under armour vest over my head then prepare for me to take you by force Dirty, filthy aggressive verbal as I spit around your hole preparing it for my aggressive cock. Standing over you with all my clothes off makes me feel so dominant, and as I make you undress, it makes you feel submitted to me. I tense, I get cocky and I gloat that I know I’ve got you where I want you. Now is the part you do exactly as you’re told. I’m going to grab you by the back of the neck and smash you hard, angle you the way I want you so my dick is firmly imprinted into your prostate giving you the mother of all cum’s. Everyone needs a real hard fuck, I’m gonna give you yours. Feel my cum shoot up your ass and drip out as I gloat victorious as I know you’re satisfied beyond ***ief
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Physical exam with lots of precum
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I ask you only simple questions, and I expect you to answer me with a yes or a no. I’ll start with a practice question… Do my biceps turn you on? If you tell me the right answers to the right questions, you will be rewarded… I may repeat myself, but it’s important that I get the right answer, as i’m here to use my biceps, my body, to get what I want. If I hear the right answers, the reward is my full physique. The final question is the important one. If you get it right, you get me completely at your disposal. Are you gonna make me cum?
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And the doc is ***ly thorough. Hot patient, ***ly hot exam with unusual finish!
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Dressed in a vest and jeans, in your backyard I am building you’re brick BBQ. I’ve only nipped into the house for water to mix some cement up to finish up with the last couple of bricks. I noticed you looking at me through the window.. especially as my bicep is tight as i’m carrying the bricks, and i’ve gotta tell you. It turns me on 😉 I go on to tell you I was voted most muscular bricklayer by everyone back at my employment… You tell me you have an extra liking for most muscular poses. I leave you S***CHLESS with my dimensions and power. I drench my self with oil so my muscles glisten as I pose for you. I pose, over and over and blow you kisses till I’m blue in the face. The whole situation gets me so turned on i’m left with a hard dick and work left to do, what can I do to get my dick and sex drive back down? I definitely finish your brick BBQ, and I also leave a bit of ‘per***al cement’ in there for you to remember me by.
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Great close-ups of his edible ass, balls & cock
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When going through puberty, hormones really shine, and you start to know what you REALLY want. If you got really turned on & interested by built jocks, then I will capture your desires and turn it into reality. A nerdy geek like yourself is introduced to an absolute muscle god like myself. Worship my tall, built BULGING frame. This is your exploration of me and by fuck it’s HOT, you must rub me, lick me, and suck my cock… In essence, you must just do as you say. I am returning from my hard gym workout, prepared with my jockstrap underneath my gym clothes. Sweat dripping…. I oil up my pec’s, delt’s, arm’s & ab’s and have you stroke it all. I pull out my cock and stick it in your mouth, slap it allover your face, before I finish by giving you my hot jock load.
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Joe Landon and his awesome cock...
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I may be the hottest, biggest, strongest & most popular Jock going but I still need my grades up. You are the nerd who wants to see everything, see all of me. But you’re way too submissive. I know i’ve got to take charge to get what we both want. Just oiling up, flexing my hairy shredded muscles is enough to get my juices flowing. You get to cum, I get to cum – but the difference is you’ve got to work for it, I order you around, tell you how I like it and how I want it done.
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Football player and track athlete comes in for a physical. Perfect body (check out those abs)! Also, smooth perfect skin. He is one of the few who does not get hard from the doctor's hand, so he jerks himself off, and it is a very exciting self-jerk!
17-04-2016 13:21
03-05-2016 17:59

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