[email protected] Haynes visits the clinic his first time. Something tells me he'll be back!
29-05-2016 15:29
31-05-2016 19:42
medical fetish
This patient has a full hard on as he is taking off his boxer briefs. He stays hard through the entire exam. There is an extensive urethral exam which may not be for the sque***sh, but this jock seems to enjoy everything, especially getting massaged and jerked by the doctor!
19-05-2016 22:42
31-05-2016 19:40
Jock Physical Exam, Handsome, Muscular, Kinky, Jerked, Come, College Guy
This jock has it all. Perfect muscular body, smooth as silk skin, cute dick, and great butt! The doctor seems to slip a finger in his ass while jerking him off which send this hunk into a wild orgasm.
10-05-2016 22:39
31-05-2016 19:40
Physical Exam, Smooth muscular jock, perfect ass, jerked off
Hot str8, inked, tall black athlete gets the full treatment from the doctor.
10-05-2016 18:50
31-05-2016 19:48
str8 guy, interracial, ingen, reluctant, medical, physical, exam, big cock, big dick, fingered, helping hand, cum, masturbate, semen sample, jackoff, tattoo, handsome,athlete
Yes, guys in their thirties still have hoy bodies which look great naked. This guy has a nice looking cock which the doctor jerks off. The patients ass is fine as well! The come scene is quite exciting.
08-05-2016 01:26
31-05-2016 19:28
Physical Exam, Jerked off, Nude, Sex
Physical exam with lots of precum
29-04-2016 22:13
31-05-2016 19:40
physical exam medical precum
And the doc is ***ly thorough. Hot patient, ***ly hot exam with unusual finish!
29-04-2016 18:27
31-05-2016 19:34
gay4pay, medical, doctor, ex***nation, physical exam, turkish, fingered, handled, reluctant, sounding, prostate, masturbate, cum, cumeating, hairy, big cock
This is an ***ly masculine, straight guy with a strange attitude. His cock is enormous! You would never think he'd let the doctor jerk him off, but he does.
28-04-2016 23:08
31-05-2016 19:16
Football player and track athlete comes in for a physical. Perfect body (check out those abs)! Also, smooth perfect skin. He is one of the few who does not get hard from the doctor's hand, so he jerks himself off, and it is a very exciting self-jerk!
17-04-2016 13:21
31-05-2016 19:25
This must be one of the early ones because the resolution is not very high. It is the ONLY one I've seen where it is very obvious this ultra masculine guy does not like getting jerked off by the doctor! His face is grimacing the whole time.
16-04-2016 16:57
31-05-2016 15:50
Athlete, Physical Exam, Hot Hunk, Humiliated
03-04-2016 09:27
31-05-2016 08:40
Soldiers, Uniforms, BlowJobs, Fucking,
Very butch guy with long hair in ponytail and deep voice comes in complaining of shortness of breath. This guy drips with sexiness and is very quiet as the doctor gets his dick hard with expert techniques. He stays silent while getting jerked off and coming. This is not a guy you would expect to let this happen in an exam!
02-04-2016 18:58
31-05-2016 19:21
Physical Exam, Big tall man, Deep Voice, Long Hair, Ponytail, Nude, Jerked Off
First, sorry for the low resolution, but the video is hot. Ja*** comes in with a strained back, but the exam quickly becomes an extensive prostate massage. Ja*** is very horny and wants the doctor to keep fingering his prostate. Ja*** moves his body all around to maximum pressure on his prostate and then comes in a big way!
30-03-2016 17:03
31-05-2016 10:24
Physical Exam, Black Jock, Prostate Massage, Jerked off
Hot, hot str8 black guy undergoes a physical with a new doc. Wow!
19-03-2016 23:50
31-05-2016 17:39
interracial, medical, physical exam, strip, naked, hard cock, hand job, fingered, gay4pay, str8 guy, doctor
This guy is a white Adonis. Tall, muscular, smooth, and manly with a deep voice. Everything in perfect proportion-great ass, beautiful big cock. He moans for a long time as the doctor is jerking him off. It builds up to a frenzy when he comes. Very unexpected and exciting to see, considering he seems so strong and quiet in the beginning. This video must be an early one from the series, as the resolution is not quite as sharp as later ones. But it is a must see!!
19-03-2016 14:25
31-05-2016 19:29
Physical Exam, Jock, Hunk, Hung, Jerked Off, Masculine
physical exam
10-03-2016 19:54
31-05-2016 03:11
physical exam
Tall, Str8 Alonso undergoes a very thorough pre-employment physical.
10-03-2016 19:35
31-05-2016 17:14
str8, medical, physical exam, uncut, hispanic, helping hand, masturbate, wank, cum
Spy cam catches this very unusual jock physical of a sexy ginger guy. When getting jerked off by the doctor, this supposedly straight guy really gets into it when the doctor massages his prostate while jerking him. This guy moves around so much to get maximum pressure on his prostate, he almost slips off the table!!
07-03-2016 21:31
31-05-2016 19:41
Ginger, Jock, Physical Exam, Jerked off, Spy cam, Intense prostate massage
This beautiful str8 boy goes to the doctor and gets a physical (and more). Thank goodness for thorough medical professionals!!!
04-03-2016 19:24
31-05-2016 19:41
str8, athlete, physical exam, ex***nation, uncut cock, hand job, helping hand, cum, finger
Cute, shaved emo Mac Millan goes for a doctor's exam.
04-03-2016 01:36
31-05-2016 15:07
medical fetish

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